The Little Prince


              Love yourselve 

     Embrace the world

Paul Codde talks about the Chrystalline children

 The Crystalline Children have great purpose and are willing to clearly tell anyone who listens what that purpose is: to bring unconditional love back to humanity and help install world peace. It is our responsibility as their caregivers to assist them in their goals, and honor who they are and what they have come to do. The Crystalline Children carry within them conscious recollection of the wisdom of the ages, and they offer it freely to us.

What will we do? Will we hear their messages and apply the wisdom of the ages to our current lives, our environment, and our world? Or will we choose to remain ignorant, closing door after door within our children along the way? Our children are our future. The future within our kids has the potential to take us to a great turn for the greater good of humanity—if only we will listen to what the children have come to tell us!

Let us honor them and nurture them, and allow ourselves to be open to the possibility that sometimes the children know more than we do. Let us not constrain the possibilities of greater reality just because we don't understand. Instead, let us be open to exploring these amazing gifts with our children. There is no reason to fear them! Gifted as they are, they are our children, and their messages are nothing new.

Just amazing things that most of us have forgotten.....

More about " the children of now "

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                                The Little Prince 

             by Antoine de Saint Exupéry .... The book

           and : Mister Antoine de Saint Exupéry !

          The little Prince is back!!

              This book starts at the moment the previous stopped ...

              with the death of the little Prince

The Little Prince narrated by Kenneth Branagh

The Little Prince narrated by Kenneth Branagh - YouTube

For the time being,

this is a first english translation of the original Dutch book written by Paul Codde:

" Mijnheer Antoine de Saint Exupéry, de kleine prins is terug ! "

Mr Antoine de Saint Exupéry,

the little Prince is back!

Expecting soon a final, and grammatically correct translation

we let you already see the pre-release version.

With our excuses for any incorrect translation.

Also availabel in Portuguees : Signor Antoine de Saint Exupéry! O Principizinho esta da volta

                               This book starts at the moment the previous stopped ...

                                                  ... with the death of the little Prince

1.The transition

All of a sudden everything went very quiet. There was only a slight silent breeze. However, sufficient to lift him up. Very slowly. Very carefully. It was as if time stood still. Everything was a little strange, nevertheless, very genuine.

The funny part is that, what the little prince had experienced didn't seem new. It was a little like coming  home.. a familiar feeling. The fact that he hadn't been thrown into space, marveled the little prince. Underneath, he still could clearly see a whirl of desert sand and his body immobilized. And a man in pilot uniform who appeared to contemplate, either the stars or the little body with great distress. How he would have liked to confort that man. It was, as if his suffering was hampering the little prince from continuing his journey. Notwithstanding the physical pain from a little while ago having completely disappeared...  the sadness of that human being down there, was so strong that it attracted the little prince as if it wouldn't let him take a new step. Well, " a step" is a big word for someone who in that instant had left his body. And, nevertheless ...although he was watching his own body down there immobilized, there still was something of a "presence". Later, the little prince would hear that he now only had an astral body. And that, from that moment on, he was part of the astral world. He did the best that he could to liberate himself from that scene, so saddening down there. But, how to do it.. How? If the fox was there he'd have very good advice to give to the little prince.

In fact, it seemed as if the fox was near him. No, it didn't seem, he was really there!

-Hello friend, said the fox.

-Hello friend, replied the little prince, with a huge question mark, marveled at the end of his thoughts.

-Did you call for me?... Asked the fox.

The little prince was dumbfounded. He had thought a great deal about the fox, but nothing else.

-Then you called me, said the fox, who, apparently could read the little prince's thoughts.

The little prince couldn't stop being wondered. From that moment on, he would be more careful with what he was thinking.

For a moment, his thoughts went back to Earth...

Imagine if the Earth's inhabitants would be able to read each other's thoughts; no one would ever dare lying. In truth, a very good thought, he acknowledged. The fox smiled openly in agreement.

-You're right, said the fox. If everybody on Earth was convinced that one can only see clearly when one lets the heart speak, then, soon, the Earth would become a heaven. And if this could serve of some comfort, at this moment, there are several inhabitants of Earth who are able to communicate with each other without the need of using even a single word! It's called telepathy, said the fox. Nothing else than the transfer of feelings without the need of talking.

The little prince was feeling increasingly embarrassed. Things were becoming very funny, he thought.

To die would't mean something strange and terrorizing, any longer, as he had always thought.

-If I'm understanding well, said the little prince, when we die we may leave our body behind, but our being is kept the same. However, I feel that the people on Earth only see things in black and white and that we are now in a situation when there are millions of colors.

-That's an interesting way of explaining that someone who dies, just moves to another dimension, said the fox.

-Fantastic! Shouted the little prince. I only have to think about whatever it may be, for it to appear.

I only have to think about that spoiled king who was looking for subjects without any hope of finding them...

The little prince wasn't even able to finish his sentence. They were already in a kind of tunnel, where the walls were like gigantic film screens, where his thoughts and memories were playing.

He only had thought about the pompous king and there he was on the tunnel wall!

-I present to you the movie of your own past life, laughed the fox, and, suddenly, it became serious. On the wall of this tunnel you'll watch once again all what you have experienced in your past life.

On Earth, men would like or even dislike that completely... but here we don't judge those things. These are simply the things that took place. Nothing is good and nothing is wrong.

From now on, this type of things cease to exist. What is important is that what you've experienced and what you have learned from that experience. Remember that snake in the desert...

Immediately, on the wall of the tunnel, the dangerous creature appeared. It twisted itself treacherously around the stem of the leafless tree, until it went on to attack and inflict to the little prince the deadly bite. The little prince was watching without breathing, how he saw himself falling down, slowly and in silence. The strange of it all was that he wasn't feeling sad at all, or afraid or angry. On the contrary. He went through what was needed in order to contemplate that, otherwise he wouldn't be dead and would, perhaps, have to wait years before he was able to see all those colors around him. Or move to another dimension, as the fox had described. No, rage he wasn't feeling when watching that scene in the desert.

On the contrary, he could even call it gratitude and a "forgiving"... Those thoughts filled him with a feeling of goodness which covered all his being as an ultra light blanket, warm and filled with light. And so he continued, while observing the movie of his past life. When he saw his rose, he understood well how unique everything and everyone actually is. And, in truth, the best thing is being capable of accepting our responsibilities. It was simpy necessary to choose that.

Without realizing it, he had already walked a great deal through the tunnel.

Besides the fox's presence, he was able to see other souls. They were at times a little blurred and covered with a clear but soft light. The little prince sat next to them, gently observing them.

It was as if he was planning to say something important and the fox pricked his ears so he wouldn't lose anything.

2. A vehicle as any other


-Therefore, I am "dead". Said the little prince reassured. It sounded somehow dramatic. "Dead, therefore"... he repeated, as if he wanted to convince himself. And, nevertheless, it didn't seem that way... I still am here. I can observe things. And, however, I have seen myself just an instant ago, over there... laying on the sand, still... as an empty shell. The fox was delighted to observe that all and took of the word:

-An empty shell... that isn't such a bad description, he said. Imagine you had lived all your life inside a car. From your birth. And as far as you could remember, you never got out of that car. In other words, the bodywork was all your life, the only connection link with all the rest. With the people, animals, plants, water, fire, earth and air... All what you've seen and felt was through the metallic skeleton of the car, the windows and the tyres... With time you have learned how to cope with that vehicle. At times it even seemed very interesting, other times very boring, but sometimes even annoying. When you had a flat tyre, for example, or a little stone hit the windshield. But, most of the times, you were so familiarized with the functioning of the vehicle that you'd experience it as a continuation of your own self. And, with time -which here doesn't exist anymore- you started fusing with it and the boundaries between the two started to fade away. With time, you started thinking that you were the car... well, that is what happens when one goes to Earth to occupy a human body. That human body was, during the day, your vehicle, your continuation, a little help to change the flat tyre or to feel the little stone hit the windshield. Your way of communication with other people, animals... But, at night, it happened that the doors of your car, without your perception, would open, and you would leave to experience your environment. And then it happened that at times you'd visit the "other world", let's say, the astral world. For that reason, bit by bit, even when you finished dying, you had the sensation of arriving home.

-To arrive home, that's it; said the little prince. I can't find a better word for that. To come home.

The little prince looked around and noticed that more of those spirits were appearing. It seemed as if the light at the end of the tunnel was getting closer and closer and the tunnel, itself, would start to dissipate. He had watched the whole movie of his life and what he found more funny about all that show was that he had never been punished. Because, as the fox had said: nothing was good or bad. To die wasn't that bad; admitted the little prince.

Moreover, he even would recommend it to all people.

3.  A new vision

Meanwhile, much light had appeared from everywhere, for in the astral world there is no shadow. In any place. Everything seemed as made of a kind of mother-of-pearl, a kind of matter that gives light. The marvelous thing was that everything would not only give ligh, as it was made of light. Maybe for that reason, the fox would call that the astral world. For astral means "as a star" and a star is, per definition, something which gives light in the night... the spirits placed themselves on the separation line of the light path and the little prince could see here and there the outlining of faces. Suddenly, he recognized the face of the lantern lighter. And he seemed to be very happy. It was understandable, since all that work of turning on and off lanterns wasn't required anymore. There, in the astral world, there wasn't something as the day or the night... only light of different intensities and tonalities.

-That to which I'd like to call your attention to, said suddenly the fox, is that, contrarily to what  happened on Earth, the things you see here don't become smaller when we observe them from a great distance. From now on, you may see things from all angles and at the same time.

-That seems a little puzzling. Said the little prince. And, suddenly, he imagined a question mark...

-It's true, said the fox, mainly in the beginning. But afterwards, things you used to know, will become unrecognizable. But you will get used to that quickly and, in its whole, all this has to do with how you see things, personally. But this is not all, added the fox. At that moment he waited a little, as to give the little prince a chance to react. But he was at ease. Nothing could disturb him. For there it all was possible. And that was very clear. Therefore, he said:

-Didn't you want to talk about the colors? And about the music, also there is much to tell.

The fox sat next to him.

-How did you know I was going to talk about that? He asked.

-Telepathy, said the little prince, somehow a bit compliant. Telepathy. You know: the communication of feelings, without the need of a single word. I am just a beginner in the subject, but I am practicing it intensely, as you see.

Such an answer caused the fox's tail to curl of pleasure. The little prince was not only a good pupil, but he also had humor. On Earth, people may have thought such an answer to be somehow arrogant, but, as it was said, in the astral world, there are no judging thoughts.

Therefore, the fox continued which he had started.

-The colors, therefore. Said the fox resolute, as usual. Colors. As you have been able to understand, the colors here have no comparison with the reduced color pallet of those on Earth. Those who find themselves here, as painters on Earth, have here a greater color pallet. Here you can give wings to your creativity. Without restrictions.

For an instant, the little prince thought about that crazy pilot who, during his stay on Earth, did let go of a career as painter, for on Earth there are so many restrictions. The laws and the rules. But, since in the astral world there is no judgement of understanding, the little prince abandoned that thought. And he continued to listen to what the fox had to tell him.

-The colors here are more than mere colors. They are not only more radiant than the colors on Earth, as they are also more lively... I will explain this in another way: here the colors live. They are a way of communicating. In other words, what we a while ago called telepathy, we could call a communication through colors. Each quality we have, or emotion we feel, or a trait of character, can be colored with that infinite pallet we dispose of. Each thought you have will betray itself, through the colorful balloons that, as a way of speaking, come out of your astral head. To me you have nothing to  hide.

Therefore, start coloring your day and start thinking about something funny...

-Music, thought the little prince; you could also talk about music.

-Precisely, said the fox in high tone; music has also the power to color my day. For here it is possible not only to listen to the music as to see it. Certain forms give away a certain style and colors tell us something about emotion in music.

-So, and here one doesn't need to work; asked the little prince, carefully. For, as I can hear, everything here is simply perfect...

-Not as you used to do on Earth. For here money has no meaning. The only thing that you have to do here is to create that which you feel the need to create. The best thing you could imagine, everything here can be created.

You also can apply to do useful work in the "services", for your brothers and sisters, as the animal world as well as the human world, appreciate a little incentive from us.

The little prince turned very silent. During his stay on Earth, he had experimented certain things that, in a way of speaking, needed much more than just an "incentive". If it depended on him alone, he'd start working at once. Now that he saw things from a certain distance, work seemed more urgent and important, the clarifying of the human ignorance. To simply let people know that things could be different. That everyone has the capacity to treat himself, without giving others the responsibility for it. And the fear, which at the moment, paralyses 99% of the people on Earth... there is really work to be done! A charitable offensive started to slowly take shape in the little prince. He wanted to start that very instant. He looked at the fox and searched for the right words, to let him know what he felt, since the fox had an eye for the beautiful colors that surrounded the little prince, there was no need for any words. The fox approached carefully, placed his front paws on the shoulders of the little prince and gave him a warm embrace.

4.Follow the guide


As you may know, time here doesn't exist. Therefore... here it isn't possible to lose time. For nothing here is a need to rush. Here you don't need to have the sensation that you have to run. There is only one thing to pay attention to: to go to the light. The rest comes naturally. On your way you'll see how you always could be helped. From your guides, for example.

-And who are they? Asked the prince, for he had never found one. Not now nor when he still walked the material world.

-The guides are astral beings who have been chosen to pay service and, therefore -as it has been said before- they help people and animals. But they almost never let see themselves. Therefore, it's very normal that you haven't seen any. With the exception of the guide right in front of your nose.

For the little prince, all that puzzle started to take shape. Nevertheless, he still had some questions... more or less a hundred thousand questions. And the first question was:

-The guides all look like you?

-I could give you the long or the short answer to that question. I'll start with the short one. In reality, I look as you want me to look like. Furthermore, a guide is someone who ought to inspire trust. One has to trust him. Blindly. In your existence on Earth you have developed a relationship so astounding with the fox that, in your subconscious, you gave me the image of that which you associate with trust. And for you that is a fox. It could be a king, but your experience with kings is not of that nature that you could follow them blindly. Now you tell me.. not all kings are trustworthy.

-Therefore.. said the little prince, carefully, me myselve am capable of turning you the way I desire.

A kind of color book where we can go beyond the lines... And you may look, for a freshly arrived, as his mother or grandmother, or a kind and special teacher? Or... like a rose! Interpolated the little prince...

-I see that I can spare you the long answer, said the fox, for I see that you have understood it. But, naturally, the majority of the souls are awaited by deceased relatives. When a new soul is about to arrive, they are warned and they are there with their chimes and bells to welcome the freshly arrived.

-With chimes and bells? Asked the little prince with a certain disbelief.

-It could well be, depending on what the new soul expects to encounter. Anyway, they will surround you to welcome you. And to let you know that everything is well, the way it is. In your case, as you don't have very strong bonds with anyone on Earth who has gone to another dimension... despite that, for that pilot, in Earthly terms, it won't take much longer.. you will be received at the end of the tunnel by beings - as I could call them - your true family. Your group of souls, as it is also called. And, in your case, these come from Arcturus. These caring souls will take you to your place.

-I can't wait! Said the little prince with a certain anxiety.

-Never forget, added the fox, that here there is no reason to rush. Everything happens precisely when the time is just right...

 5. News from Antoine


The little prince was a little numb with all that. He had never thought of having a "family" here. That idea continued to haunt him. An absurd idea. Could you imagine... while he was busy with that pilot, the rose, the king, the drunken man and all those characters more or less pleasant, he had a family who he didn't know. Perhaps he had occupied there a function of relevancy, and the people had entitled him as "Prince"... while he was absorbed in so many thoughts, a little further, the fox had sat down. Meanwhile he was getting closer. The little prince understood immediately that something important was about to take place.

-Listen, friend, he said, listen... just a while ago, I've been in contact with Ashtar and he was prepared for your arrival.

-Ashtar... repeated the new prince, and who is Ashtar?

-Ashtar is the one who leads the command and has as function the protection and the development of planet Earth. And of many other things, but that is not important now.

-That Ashtar is certainly a bit of a prince, thought the little prince.

-It's a way of seeing things, yes, but in reality, that is not truly important. What is important is that he wants to know you and that above all he wants to ask you a big favor. The little prince wasn't feeling so little at this time, as his name  implied. Someone with such an important function at intergalactic level was asking the 'big' little prince, in a way of speaking, for a favor.

-Keep humble, thought the little prince... mainly to not start running besides one's shoes. Otherwise, that lesson with the spoiled king would have been in vain. The little prince made himself a little smaller, he even lowered his head a bit and said in solemn tone:

-I am listening.

-First, let me make a sketch of the situation on planet Earth at this moment. Since your death that, in Earthly's terms, much time has elapsed. Meanwhile, the pilot who you've found in the desert has died. For his countrymen, it seems as he has disappeared from the bottom of the Earth. And it is just what has happened. Before his death, he left a little book where he wrote about his encounter with you and the magnificent moments you two spent together in the desert. The little book has been translated into countless languages and the whole planet, at this time, has knowledge of the important information you have executed on Earth.

-I wasn't that sure that it would be so important. The only thing I did was to be a child in all circumstances, said the little prince, innocent.

-Precisely, said the fox, and for a child it's not important how something is told, but what is told. For humanity it seems that the exterior form is more important that the contents and, as a consequence... that is the worst of everything, that all people have read the little book but, in reality, all that has been eclipsed among all the other books on the shelves, where, now it threatens to fall in forgetfulness. Therefore, meanwhile, the great lesson of how one ought to look at things from the heart, they have forgotten already.

-Then things on Earth are that bad, asked the little prince.

-If you really wish to know... said the fox, and he took a big deep breath, as someone who was about to need to keep his head under water for a long time...


6. The situation on Earth

- I can tell you in this form: the kings have become ten times more spoiled and corrupted than in your time. The scientists now still don't understand that the heart is more knowledgeable than the brain and the numbers are ruling the world, generals avid of war have found the more sophisticated weapons and those who have them are all related with the money one has in the bank. For the rest, they spend their time whining how God is vindictive and cruel and they abuse sensitive and kind people to make saints out of them, who then make the business of candles, statuettes and images flourish. The fox was getting out of breath. He went on with his reasoning.

-And I still haven't spoken about the children. They are still considered minor, like women in certain cultures. Did you know that people have invented an apparatus to influence the natural phenomena and the weather? Yes sir, little prince, they now have the means to make lightening fall there where they want. But also to cause earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. In the labs they make viruses that they spread, craftily through vaccines, infecting populations. Planes spray tons of poisonous products in the air and on the beach thousands of birds and fish die without apparent reason.

The little prince had heard enough. He pressed his little hands tightly against his ears to not hear so much degradation. That was the sign for the fox to stop. Let us say, to take a long pause... then, in a very soft voice, he continued.

-You understand that the Earth and its inhabitants with good intentions won't let things go that way. According to Ashtar, the system will degrade further and further and the point that it's no more bearable is approaching more and more. When that happens, there will be chaos and the people will be in contempt with one another. Therefore, it's important to have an increasing collaboration. People will have to relate more with each other when the system will cease to help them. When the monetary system collapses, when the salaries aren't being payed, when the supermarkets stop being filled with products... Will the people be prepared to take care of everybody? It will be a great challenge. There is no need to live in panic due to this scenario, but they ought to visualize how they are going to help all the people. There will be the need of leadership, of people who dare to assume the responsibilities. Compassion and companionship will be required, for there will be people in panic once they lose their certainties. A new community with a new energy will be created for people to live in abundance. What will help is the idea of unity. People will know intuitively what to do. Telephone and internet won't be necessary anymore; after a while, they'll communicate telepathically among themselves. Therefore, as you see, there is no reason to be afraid. All is in arrangement. However, in order that everything can take the right path, we need  leaders.. and there you come to scene, mister little prince. If you choose to accept such.. let us say mission, Ashtar and his helpers will give you the right training so that you can prepare for your leadership function, collaboration, intuition, trust and compassion. The Ashtar command, composed of beings from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and other members of the Galactic federation, will help you at any time. But, before that, you have to choose... You have all the time...

7. The choice has been  made

A great silence followed. One could hear a cloud falling... In truth, for the prince all had been clear for a long time. He had made his choice. In his terrestrial apparition that was clear to see. But now he'd have to choose once again.

-Things aren't so great on planet Earth, started the little prince, carefully.

-It depends on the vantage point, said the fox. But beware, no one can force you. Your freedom to choose is something that is respected here above all and, notwithstanding your answer, it will be the good one. You are not, as to speak, the only one to whom Ashtar has directed the question. At this moment, thousands of entities from Sirius and Arcturus are being sent to Earth. And each one of them has received a specific task. You, certainly won't be alone. All those new children who are being born will have, according to the terrestrial norms, spectacular gifts. Some will become champions. On Earth, those children are called indigo. But there are also those who act through charity and who think, feel and do things from the heart... Telepathy will be for them something banal, just like feeling what another person feels.

-I understand that it will be very interesting, but won't it become too heavy in the majority of the cases?

-That certainly.. some children will be in state of continuing and will be sending love, and others will react in other ways. Frustrated for not being understood...

-And they could even become aggressive... added the little prince.

-Or they choose to return home...

-But why is it so bad with the Earth's inhabitants? From my last visit, I found that the grown ups were behaving in a childish way. Without being real children.

-Little has changed since then, said the fox, at least not in a positive sense. Do you know how Eskimos catch a wolf?

-Now you are taking a leap that I am not able to follow, said the prince.

-Take it easy, said the fox, in an instant, everything will become more clear. The Eskimo rubs a sharp dagger with blood, blood from another animal; he places the dagger outside where everything freezes. Then he rubs another layer of blood and another and another. Finally, he sticks the sharp dagger in the snow with the point up. The wolf smells all that blood.

At night, the wolf approaches. For that animal, the dagger seems more like a popsicle, a delicious strawberry popsicle. And in the dark he starts to lick the blood off the dagger. He starts enjoying the taste of it and in his hunger he keeps licking. At a certain point, the sharp edges of the blade start to show up, but the wolf has no grip at his greediness. He gets even more greedy. Feels the blood that starts to feel lukewarm. Doesn't understand that he is cutting through his own tongue. From that moment on he starts eating his own blood, but he continues, for greediness know no boundaries. In the morning, the wolf is found by the Eskimo, bled to death.

-And is that what's going on with people at this moment?

-Yes, I believe that if they aren't careful and not quickly aware of their extreme arrogance, they'll succumb in the same way.

-I'll do it! Said the prince determined. I'll do it!

Once again, the fox got closer, laid her front paws on the shoulders of the  prince and gave him a warm hug in gratitude.



8. A new change


And this was the moment when the little prince felt where everything was going to. He was as if absorbed by the soft light which had surrounded him during all that time. And he himself had become the light. It was a feeling which could not be described with words. An extraordinary force that came out of him. Nothing could stop him now. When he released himself from the fox's embrace, he noticed that the fox wasn't the fox anymore. In his place, the little prince simply saw a huge tear, so big as himself and all transparent. The word tear is maybe not a good choice, for when we think of a tear, we associate it with sadness or something of the kind... and of such thing wasn't even a clue. On the contrary; suddenly, everything around him was happiness. And from that tear exploded, in a way of speaking, the most wonderful colors... The big moment of the telepathic communication had arrived... And he himself didn't look like the little prince. No.. he also had assumed the form of one of those tears.

The great work could start now.


9. Ashtar talks to the missionaries


-I'll be very concise, said Ashtar to a group of enthusiasts who had been chosen to go back to Earth to incarnate. All of you are part of a puzzle and each one has its own piece. Each one of you has his or her own mission. Therefore, go and live your own mission; focus on it and be confident. One may write books, the other will do something around education. In the field of medicine we also need a few people, but we also need artists, singers, theater people, journalists and mode designers. While the people of the Earth still have food to eat, we also could use bakers and butchers with that bit of wisdom. In order to make true this transformation that is approaching, we need everybody. We are in 2012 and there's no more time to procrastinate this mission. It has to happen now. You can follow your heart. Don't let yourself be influenced on Earth by all those ideas about crisis, savings, health insurance costs and energy bills. That's not what it's needed. As a person, you don't need so much; to possess is an illusion. You'll make the best of life if you follow your own heart.

-And will we be helped by your presence? Asked the little prince, who was also getting acquainted with his new responsibility. How are we to know that you'll be there?

-When you feel our energy, the telepathic contact, do you remember? You determine how much you'll wish to use it. We'll be always at your disposition.

And we like all of you; you are all very much loved. And once again I repeat: be confident. The terrestrial certainties will fall to dirt, for those are fake certainties. Now you'll have to make everything come true with one another. In the right time, you'll receive the intuitive right directive. It's up to you to follow it. Don't be afraid, for the time has arrived to let yourself be seen.

You are the very same people you have been waiting. You are a multitude; go live your mission in your own way; it doesn't need to be big, doesn't need to be through politics; it isn't necessary to support great causes, but do it; live your mission. Don't wait for the others. Do it yourself.

Somewhere, close to the little prince, a question was thought, on how the inhabitants of Earth would react to this wave of new beliefs. Ashtar continued, as if the question had really been made in reality.

The Earth's inhabitants will arrive to the conclusion that the present systems aren't working anymore; but they are afraid of letting these systems go. There exist big interests behind all that and people don't want to part from them. The problems, therefore, will increase until that readiness is attained, or the system will collapse, followed by a period of chaos. The Earth's inhabitants will decide this. Either they work in their consciences and end the abuse of the Earth or they won't. Many people are already aware of this; others aren't. Environmental catastrophes will make people wake up for the reality. They wouldn't be required, but at the moment they still are. The Ashtar Command in its superior dimensions, can do nothing else than observe, protect and inspire. It's the task of its incarnated representatives, like yourselves, to make things start working on Earth. The little prince was trying to imagine that all. His new dad and mom and maybe even a little brother or sister... imagine that he'd land in an environment where the people are still attached to old traditions, like those inherent to certain religions... and that they at home would had never heard speak of conscience, not to speak of the term 'children of the new age'... Then he'd be completely alone... Ashtar continued the thought of the little prince:

-It's important that people find their kin and that they work with them, he said determined. Alone is really alone. It's beautiful to start a mission and later on, maybe, start an own practice, but do connect to others. Throw the ball to one another. Use the qualities one of the other and work together. Walk, literally, a day with the other one. Share your knowledge, wisdom, capacities. Together we can change the world; it was never the intention to do it on your own... Find each other; go to each other, work together. All of you possess a piece of the truth and few have an idea of its whole. Work together on the puzzle and raise your introspection.

The little prince looked around. They were really many. And all together they wouldn't go unnoticed... 'If I can follow my heart' thought the little prince. The rest will come by itself.

10. To incarnate; the first lesson


In a moment, the little prince was ready, so that his next incarnation on Earth would go the best way.

One of the teammates close to Ashtar, clarified that, as we enter a human body on planet Earth, suddenly, everything gets more heavy. The own body, itself, is already too much, for it constantly prevents our desire for freedom. The common man has naturally never known anything else, for since his birth he has been surrounded in a kind of veil, which prevents him to see clearly his world of experiences, restricting him to that which interacts with matter. For the freshly arrived, this veil is even more scanty and in certain cases almost innexistent. This makes it possible for the teammates of the little prince to read thoughts or to attune to that which their Earth friends feel... so that they are feeling the same. For some, and to complete things, it should be said that, in the majority of the cases, children aren't well prepared for that. Imagine what it means for them to sit in a theater room, surrounded by hundreds of people, each of them with their backpacks of misery. Certainly very difficult for a new age child... The easiest thing is for that child to choose to leave the room. But, clearly, how does one explain that to dad and to mom, to whom this means an evening out for which they have prepared a great deal. Many of these children are able to protect themselves or.. what is even funnier, to abandon their own bodies. To get out of the body, is what this means. Haven't you ever seen a picture where some red spots appear? These red spots, you think: what a pity, now my picture is ruined. But if you observe carefully, those aren't regular spots. In reality, each of those spots means the presence of a consciousness. It could be from someone alive or from a deceased person. There are certain children with disabilities who with their terrestrial bodies can go nowhere, but whom are able to make extensive journeys with their consciousness. And in this way they are able to influence others. As long as these people are open to such, certainly. In English this phenomena is called 'orbs'. In French it's something more: 'des sphères de conscience énergetique'... As long as the child has a name.. say the scientists.


11. Google Earth...


The little prince had the recent habit of observing very attentively life on planet Earth. Life continued as usual. Wars would be waged without truce. Parents would find that children were not to be taken seriously and in school, these same children remained there, seated, boring themselves in despair. One of these children was Germaine (a French name which could be divided into 'germe' and 'ainé', which means, literally, 'mature seed').

She exercised a great influence on him. She had something in common with the little prince. Sometime ago, Germaine was, in Earth's terms, around about 7 years of age and it happened that the little girl, suddenly, gave this big jump from the highest step to the lowest of the school staircase. The teacher was very frightened. She was also a bit upset, for Germaine could have hurt herself very much. Germaine wasn't able to explain what had happened on that moment. Whatever the case, the teacher would never understand it. Later that day, when she was with her grandma, she tried to explain what had happened that day, precisely. When one is only 7, a hard task.

"This morning" she said in her little voice, "there was something in me which convinced me of the fact that I was able to fly, and that I could prove it today". Grandma's mouth opened a little from amazement, smiled discretely and made a gesture, as a sign to Germaine that she could continue with her explanation. Grandma had also been young and the stories of her little granddaughter were always a breath of fresh air in her sometimes lonely existence.

Germaine continued, then; "I wanted to try it this morning on the school stairs. I closed my eyes strongly and made my first flight test. And just in that moment that I jumped, I felt the wind from underneath my skirt as if it wanted to lift me up, and my skirt was all open as a kind of red parachute, and then, when I opened my eyes again, I was already on the last step of the stairs; as if I had landed softly, like a butterfly on a flower... " Grandma loved the account. "Amazing!", she was moved with enthusiasm. "I too will have to try that one of these days"...

"See how my grandma understands!?!", she whispered between teeth to her friend, who, unfortunately, was invisible for grandma. "All other grownups would have laughed at me". In her left ear she heard an immediate comment to what had happened. "If I were you, I'd wait a little longer with your flight experiments" said a little but clear voice of a little boy; "later, we'll help you, but wait a little bit longer".

That little voice was more regular in the last weeks, mainly in those moments when Germaine, in one way or the other, would get into trouble. To the little girl not all that was clear; what she could or could not tell the grownups. From her own experience, she knew that it would be better to not tell everything what she saw, heard or felt. The grownups are, often, fragile and it's better not to frighten them.

But, of course, she could not, from time to time, not feel such a strong presence. On these occasions, she would speak in silence to a very soft voice or a kind of interior voice. When that would happen, she would pretend to be sitting or laying sleeping, so that, she'd be able to communicate better. And if that conversation would take place at school, she'd pretend to have a headache, so that the teacher would let her sit on the back where she could rest with her head on her crossed arms. This way, she'd maintain a better bridge between both worlds. In such a way that, on a certain occasion, it was more than obvious that it wasn't evident to be able to function in such coordinated way. When playing with her schoolmates, it happened, sometimes, that she'd observe things that didn't exist for the other children.

A few years later, things started to get more complicated. Even when she was alone, she'd always get the visit of faces and of spirits around her. Not that it would bother her much. On the contrary, for, in the majority of times, they'd bring good advice that she was well needing at that moment. A few years later, she even could see other people's thoughts around their bodies... most of the times, negative thoughts, which primarily would float a little but then stagnate and get bigger until, finally, they'd attack their own creator as if it was a kind of poison.

Once in a while, she'd try to see those things in herself as well. But that wouldn't work. She even tried it with a mirror, but the only thing she could see was her own countenance. The pale and fragile little girl to whom the doctor had told had a predisposition to suffer from anemia...


12. The big stamp

In Landisirius (it also exists in Vissirius) there was a system of souls who were making their last preparations for their new terrestrial mission. The majority had had contact with their future parents. Most of the them were acquaintances from other times, in other lives, with whom they still had one or two things to do. Or they were parents whom growth had evolved already in such a way that they would recognize the freshly arrived as children of the stars and would treat them as such. These children had chosen a more traditional form of incarnation. To the little prince, this would be a little more complex, for he had definitely chosen to be a kind of visitor. He had the feeling that Germaine, who he had known before, was there for some reason. The little group which was ready to leave, was very animated and happy. They were all very aware that their incarnations wouldn't be easy. Each soul had its own expectancies, others hope and others then, had values which, in a way or the other were obvious to the majority of the Earth's inhabitants. They would bridge these differences with a good doses of humor, control and detachment. They knew to what they were up to and that soon they'd be on Earth, tied to a physical body and that all that would be different than what it's now. They'd have a big weight on them. But they were confident in that and were determined to stay faithful to their objectives for which they had gone to Earth.

Meanwhile, Sephyr had arrived. Sephyr came, in fact, from Arcturus, but he would pass, regularly by Landsirius to provide training for the applicants to new incarnations. The inhabitants of Landsirius had a great affinity for Earth and would send increasingly more children to this planet.

Sephyr had taken his place and directed his thoughts to the crowd, eager to learn before him. "If you have the notion", he said with a sweet but determined voice, "that you have volunteered completely free to initiate this next step. Those who came before you, and they were many, all have their information with them. As soon as they occupy a body, it could be that this information will cease to be available for some time, but at a certain time, these children will be considered, by terrestrial norms, as a little strange or brilliant young adults.

From here, we send regularly information to these people, to whom, in those little bodies, could become a little tighten. The information that these terrestrial children can carry with moderation, will place others, in the majority grownups, in a judging position. And what I'm about to say is certainly to you directed: don't take this judgement ever as personal, but understand that their programs still don't allow their applications. This will tell something about their own programs, not yours. You'll follow your program, each one of you follows his, therefore, respect all children, even those who follow other paths".

The little prince repeated that in silence, so that he would be certain not to forget it. "I have respect for all others, even if the follow another program..."

Saphyr made a little pause; looked at the little smiling prince and nodded with his head. Then he continued. "I now would like to talk about what on Earth is understood as crop circles. The Earth, as people observe it, is surrounded by a giant electromagnetic field. This field has a certain vibration. The more solid matter is, the lower this vibration. But, in parallel, there is much more than what their senses can detect. Because these forms of energy have another vibration, in fact much superior, they aren't directly visible, but can be felt by some. They could be compared with a radio. To some people on Earth, a way a bit surpassed, but still sufficiently popular to make the comparison I intend. If you could imagine that all those people on Earth are like a radio receptor and that they are capable to detect certain programs or frequencies, because they are attuned to them. But there are many more programs. However, these, can't unfortunately be received by the people on Earth... what doesn't mean that these programs don't exist. And, pay attention! Because, in truth, this has to do with us. Because we found ourselves in a vibration which they aren't still able to detect. And that is also true for our vehicles. In times, people will ask themselves what are those little white dots their digital camera lenses have captured. We all know what that is. The orbs remember?! Very well!

A while ago I have said that the Earth is found in a big electromagnetic field. This is not of such little importance if I am to tell you that we make those crop circles with a magnetic stamp. I will put it in another way. We work with energy beams which possess a certain frequency that the Earth's inhabitants aren't able to detect. And we direct these beams to different places on Earth. These very well known places have all the very same frequency which is superior to that of the environment and, therefore, we are able, in this way, to connect to those places, by way of speaking. When we tune to those higher terrestrial frequencies, we are able to keep closer to the Earth for a longer period. Beware that every place on Earth can be used for this type of work. But I can advise a number of places to the South of England. Those are places of a strong energy. When we imprint such a circle on the surface of the Earth, it could be that the human eyes could detect it. We also ought to pay attention to not damage things down there. In other words, the crops will be bent but never broken. Due to high temperatures, own to the stamping process, the cells of the cereals expand. The people who observe that all from down there in their world, also could observe that, very quickly, within the circles, the crops have a longer stalk than outside the circles. And that, right after the circle formation on the crop, inside the circles remainders of higher temperatures can be measured. And, furthermore, but this can't be measured by the scientists on the field, is the fact that the Earth, where such a circle is formed, will be freed of all its memories. This means that on that spot, the next year, certain crops will grow better than before. This may sound strange but also the water, the rocks and the dirt keep their memories. In truth, all is energy..."

"But then, what happens precisely, when such a stamp is made?" asked the little prince at once.

"Listen, in truth, a three-dimensional image is created through a photographic projection. On Earth the word hologram has already been invented to describe just that. We send these holograms through the Earth's atmosphere. And these energies are then sucked up by other terrestrial energies to the Earth's surface. As if they were a magnet, let us say... and through the shock of those holograms with the Earth, the stamps on Earth appear and they are called crop circles."

The little prince was even more eager, and a new question was fired.

"That stamping, does it have any purpose? I mean... what could people do with that? The majority is convinced that at dawn an army of little fast men with planks under their feet, start trampling the hay."

"I see you keep insisting, but in reality, they down there don't need to know this. I will declare nothing. Each one will experience the whole process in his or her own way. In fact, it's an attempt to trample all human knowledge, together with the wheat. It has to do with emotions. From the heart. For, as they think, they'll start to argue. Surely this is pertinent but not for a long time. And furthermore, some things cannot be explained with words, for there are no words to express them. Don't forget that the human evolution process is reaching a new level and, as such, they still have to free themselves from their analytic functioning... This is an absolute requirement, if people wish to grow to attain a superior conscience. Furthermore, we see that there is an increasing confusion on Earth; more chaos, fear, insecurity and tiredness... all this is not good, but it's necessary so that they may achieve their growth. Whatever the case, we'll be there. To provide some help here and there. For in the crop circles there are codes, by figure of speaking. These codes are recognized by the subconscious as being a little bit of 'home' and are being detected. This way, people feel a little safety, trust and recognition. This way they feel a bit at home in themselves. Through these circles and the codes inserted in them, people gain a kind of confidence and start to understand that they aren't alone... Furthermore, each circle has its own code, but many of the circles have the same effect. Because all the Earth's inhabitants are from different origins and their own programs, which are unique, thus they all need different codes. Moreover, the codes are also detected by the Earth herself. And surely, the Earth herself is also a living being.

A living energy... Do you have any further questions?"



13. Victory! It's a boy!


For Germaine there was not much that could surprise her. It often happened that, once in a while, she'd get a kind of hallucinations, where she could see herself from outside. As if she was standing next to her own body. Meanwhile, she had become a number of years older and was very happy in her marriage with Tony, an Air France pilot. They had a little boy who they had named Victor. Victor means, literally: champion. They had chosen that name because Germaine had been advised not to bare children due to her blood illness. But she overcame her terror and Victor was the result. Since the birth of the little shoot that she had had those experiences of leaving her body. Before that she had had the experience of being beside her own body, but things were more visible now. The first time was the most scary. For when she saw her body under her, motionless, on the bed, she was convinced she wouldn't be able to enter it anymore. Maybe this was... dying, she thought.Now she started to understand things better and knows that after each one of her little trips, she always and without problems ends up returning to her own body. Once in a while she has the perception that something spectacular and extraordinary will happen in one of her digressions. Something that will widen her horizons. Something that will make her see things even further... But, for now, her trips are limited to planet Earth. This way, she learned how to cope with the subtleties of her own body, to travel at the speed of thought and to be able to play in a peculiar way with the light emitting particles coming from living beings. Regularly, in her outings, she'd find other beings who, like her, also travel. And at times she had encountered Victor, her own son, on her way. A happening, that the bonds with her son in the material world would embellish and make more intense. Germaine was in love with life. She loved above all her husband, although he had a more somber vision of life. The only moment that he gets off Earth is when he's earning his bread at Air France. And then, naturally, there is Victor... a little boy with whom she identifies. Not only when he was little, but also now. Each day that she could spend with him was as if a book filled with adventure and wisdom was being open. She doesn't read much. She used to when she was young. No, now she has started to act. She learns now to know people. Their psychologies, their convictions, their habits... She feels all that love towards them, even before she knows them. She doesn't feel any prejudices. She doesn't have any expectations. Therefore she has no delusions. She lets her life unfold before her and has no idea that, in the meanwhile, someone is observing her. Everything she does... when she prepares her food, or constructs little airplane models for Victor, for he loves them... a passion that, for sure has inherited from his father... Near her there is someone that, in turn, through her being, discovers the Earth and its inhabitants. Sometimes, she can feel his presence, but that feeling rapidly vanishes. The little prince starts to see things more through Germaine's eyes. That seems to be the ideal way to experience things. It's the same as if he was seeing everything through his own eyes. The only thing that he's been spared of is Germaine's emotional world.


14. The last preparation turn


To our prince everything was taking place very rapidly. Himself with a number of applicants to observing travelers, have been through a great number of informative sessions that ought to be processed, for the slightest detail could be utterly important. The fact that you lend your body to someone else doesn't mean that you gain access to all the knowledge that can be acquired through a terrestrial existence. Therefore, and to start with, he has to learn how to talk one of the languages of planet Earth in the most articulate way. In order to achieve that goal, he can use a system that by means of an 'injection' and according to his own necessities, will unload all data in his body. He may choose whether his vocabulary will be of a technical nature, for example, or more literary. All things that have to take place now, for, once on Earth, there won't be time for that. This data download takes very little time, certainly when compared with the time he'd need to make such a study on Earth. On Earth, the learning subjects are only stored in the brain. In this, such privileged position, the information is absorbed by the whole body. But, clearly, there is so much more that our little prince will be required to study. He'll need, more concretely, to be impregnated by the past of his future body. Meanwhile, he has been able to recognize his whole family and all of Germaine's acquaintances. He knows their habits and their typical way of living life. It makes him happy to know that his future family and the majority of his friends will be helping instead of hampering his way. There are moments when he walks with them in their daily activities, a question of better familiarizing with life and the situation. His special attention is towards Victor. With him he has a kind of bond. Something which cannot be explained immediately, but much later. Victor is an old soul and has acquired a great deal of wisdom, at least according to Earth's norms. For the little prince, he is a sort of 'acquaintance from long ago'... Shortly, it will become clear, the reason why Victor has expressly been born of Germaine and Tony. Meanwhile, he understands that the body, in fact, will inhabit that what isn't his, and that many changes that aren't to disregard, will have to take place. What at this moment seems clear to Germaine, could be harsh for him, for, once in a while, he'll have to escape from his Earth life. Mainly in times when that world of dualities down there starts playing tricks on him. When you are in other worlds, like in Sirius, extremes, like 'good' or 'bad' don't exist. Everyone evolves at his own rhythm in his own soul and spirit. All help and no one hampers. They all accept each other as they are until the day of the last union, of light and darkness. The little prince is now in a room where soft music, almost inaudible, creates a great harmony among all the participants. All subtle bodies from the group, hover as if in a complete choreography through the room where luminosity slightly decreases, in a way that the light of the big transparent-like sphere in the middle steadily increases. At a certain moment, a kind of projection screen becomes visible, where all participants are able to watch visionary images, which are related to what they have been through in their past lives. All of a sudden, the role that Germaine and her family have played in their past lives, it all becomes clear to the little prince. All seems to be interconnected. Nothing is coincidence. Also not the fact that he soon will become the mother of the little Victor. What is about to happen will bring about a feeling of unity within. A unity within the duality. Simply wondrous. Each human being is connected to the other, but they have no awareness of that. That awareness is all numb, dormant, and it doesn't allow to experience that world of duality, the fact that humanity a whole is. Although, somewhere, a human being is suffering pain, the subtle body of each other being will feel that sensation. No happiness, no wave of sadness will go lost...

Suddenly, in the room, the hologram of an instructor becomes visible to all the presents. "The plan is as follows", he said in his clear voice, "As you approach the Earth, everyone will be carrying a kind of boxes that will be required to use in certain places. Boxes with powerful properties. These boxes have, in a way of speaking, the capacity to purify a whole region, with the purpose of creating portals, a kind of passages to the cosmos. They also possess the property to repair fractures due to terrestrial shocks. The magnetic field here created will not only have a protective function as the function of receptor and sender. That is surely due to the great council of planets that are part of the Galactic federation, with the purpose of facilitating contacts and to stimulate the openness of spirit of the beings that at the moment are evolving in those places. I wish to let you know that the installation of these portals also has its contraindications. The portals that are being opened this way don't close that simply. It has to be taken into attention that through them, destructive energies also will be able to cross, which, in turn, will evolve...

But it's true that light always attracts shadow or, I can even say, that light itself encompasses a side of shadow, through which it acquires the possibility to embrace itself and become aware.

On the screen everyone now observes a kind of map of planet Earth. On this map, a little light is pulsating, a line which connects countries and continents. A kind of complex energetic network where the pyramids are marked, but also the temple of Angkor Vat, in Cambodia, several Maya edifications, the temple of Borobudur, in Java, as well as a number of places, apparently unknown. The instructor takes the floor once again.

"This enlightened way certainly needs a word of explanation. Some of these places, apparently of no importance, are connected with a unique energy and have, moreover, a point in common which is not to neglect: They were, are or will be the places on Earth where the light of men will shine. These places have played, throughout their own history, an initial role that at the moment is continued with relation to their present conditions. People are attracted to them and it's not by chance. In their majority they are or will be in complete harmony with that which is liberated in those places. Therefore, they are able to increase their energy by ten-fold which may be connected to the purpose for which you have come to Earth. You can, therefore, understand that it will attract many... but, at the end, there will be only a few who'll make the great cleansing which has been proposed to them. In these places we'll always find a couple of species which are outside society and outside all norms, but whose open hearts will call for their attention.

15. Bugarach, Earth's chakra point

From the moment that Germaine started having her experiences outside her body, much started to change. To her, the body had become a means to attain experience with matter, due to which, she, meanwhile, certainly started to get convinced that, once in a while one has to change to continue to fulfill the task. You could easily say that, to her everything was clear, and she still has much to learn, for she feels that there are still many doors to open... but, anyway, in Sirius, everybody is at rest. On that morning she had awaken with the feeling as if she had been performing speeches at night, without even remembering whatever it may be. Unless she had to go some certain place.. one of these days. Like that time, when she was visiting Mexico and had heard from the local inhabitants that, precisely at that place where she was, there was regularly news of extraterrestrial visits. She noticed how all those people, with the greatest easiness and totally peaceful, talked about those subjects, where they in the Netherlands or in France rarely dared speaking and when that happened it would be with the greatest of cautions, as if it were something suspect and, therefore, better not say anything.

Germaine would observe herself regularly in the mirroir. She appeared tired. Paler than usually. Would she dare to escalate that great ascend of Bugarach? She'd always wanted to do it. Victor stayed a few days with grandma and grandpa and, therefore, he was safe and well. And, if there was anything, she'd feel it. She had such bond with that child. And one doesn't climb Bugarach every day. They had told her that it was a very special mountain with a very strong purifying energy. It was very mentioned related to Mayan prophecies in relation to 2012. Tony went with her to the village, but he wasn't interested in getting tired to see something he was used to see on a daily basis. Something which Germaine had understood and had respected. He would wait for her in the village; wished her much success and told her to be careful. She smiled thankful; looked once again in his steel blue eyes and gave him a reassuring kiss on the tip of his nose. He stays a little while, enjoying the moment until she waived with the walkers stick, disappearing after the curb. The bottom of the ascend is very tranquil, like a walk. Then followed a lake, through a wonderful forest... to finally start in wilder ground, where the true work starts. She chose to take this path which was more difficult. Somewhere in the middle there is a window or 'la voie de la fenêtre' as the French call it. Those who climb this mountain for the first time would better turn around at this place and choose another path. That's what is recommended to the beginners, but Germaine isn't easily frightened; she buttons up the little jacket in the middle and unbuttons a couple of the other extra buttons of her shirt in Indian cotton. They had told her that the energy of that mountain could be very strong, so that some will give up in the middle. But, as it appeared, the mountain decided who can escalate her and to which point, a decision it hadn't still made in this case. It wasn't by chance that it is said that this mountain is a place of energy, a chakra point of our planet, where a kind of cosmic connecting channel -let's say, a vortex- is formed. Bugarach is taken as a place of forces, like Montségur, but stronger. It's also said that the extraterrestrial beings have chosen this place as a kind of landing place... but for now there was no indication of such. The warmth started to tighten. The climb was steep and heavy. Her efforts were rewarded by the landscapes which magically unfolded around her. It seemed as if the green elevation would stretch its arms from one side to the other in eternally green valleys. All under the watching eye of the Pyrenees... as if it was there by the hand. There was a cold wind which would bring an increasing number of dark grey blue clouds. Here and there, Germaine would slip on the loose stones. Luckily, she had thought about taking her walkers stick with her, for without that she'd have probably already given up. It was increasingly colder. The buttons of her shirt were once again buttoned and she put her little coat back on. The wind was increasingly stronger and at dawn, Germaine lost her balance which forced her to continue by using her hands and feet. Not an easy task with that rod. Under her feet, she's spied at a fall of approximately 1000 meters. She holds on to everything what she sees. And that isn't much. She decides to take a short break at a small ledge and somewhat dangerous which she has got to cross. That's the real work. Almost vertical. Midway she takes a peak down. Cold sweats cover her. The ledge where she's staying isn't wider than 10 centimeters. It seems that that is really the end of her journey. She isn't able to go any further, but also not able to return... It seems like the mountain is making a decision. Not thinking too much, is what crossed her mind. For thinking only brings fear with it and fear paralyses. That is really something she doesn't need now. But then, should she agree with the mountain and return. Centimeter by centimeter. Each little plant, each rock, each bug that is seen by her is kept in her memory. And here and now she hasn't ever been so close. Finally she was able to arrive at the place she had spotted. She sits down and contemplates the surroundings. Hats off to such little panoramic scene. She says loudly 'thanks' for all that beauty; closes her eyes, humbly and allows herself to contact that part of her inner self, feeling all sorts of sensations and tinglings. A sensation that the material world would not allow her to feel. Meanwhile, the little prince had taken some distance. He heard the instructor giving a couple more indications but these didn't get to him fully. A little rest.. a little... before the storm. It's not truly a physical rest what he really needs now, but a complete interior rest, so that he could experience everything what's going on. He knows that, from that moment on, everything will go much faster and is rapidly taken by a feeling that he still recalls from his last incarnation, when he said goodbye to his rose and sat down waiting for a flock of birds which would take him in their flight to unknown places. It's a very weird feeling. The unity he had been able to lately experience and which now appeared as a certainty, a unity with himself, a unity with everything there is had taken over that strange feeling of separation... And it is the soft and steady voice of the instructor that takes him back to the reality which is about to take place: "My dear friend, your 'alter ego' is at this moment somewhere in a place in the South of France, the Bugarach. A powerful place which at this moment is doing its job. She's experiencing her life as if it was yours. You two have known each other in that neighborhood in some incarnation and that is the reason we have chosen that place as the most appropriate place for the great exchange. Above all, remain calm. Everything is going according plan. You'll soon recognize that place. It's a regular contact place, so much for us as for the Earthlings. Many of the astral children have worshiped humanity with a visit to that place. The Earth lends itself by means of its magnetic field, on that place, and through unknown chambers underneath the ground. Space ships are found regularly parked in these sacred places, ready to be activated at any time."

The little prince sits up straight. Completely present in that moment. From that moment on he doesn't want to lose a single word of what is being said. With his eyes closed, he connects with his instructor, to better prepare for the last phase of his little interplanetary journey. He sees himself completely as he was on Earth, in a physical vehicle which waits for him and which is completely different from the one where he is moving in now. He is more than ever aware of the facts that certain happenings on Earth will have another importance or impact, than from that place where he finds himself now. The main objective of this journey is to spread around an energy that will awaken the awareness of the neighborhood. He has to be able to convince people of the gifts which are hidden in experiences apparently painful. They ought to stop looking with contempt, disdain and arrogance at others, notwithstanding any talents or gifts they have been able to master. Everyone is about to discover the truth which for hundreds of thousands of years had escaped the attention of humanity, a secret which has been hidden very deeply in the illusive reality of the third dimension. This truth includes the essence of true love, of which is and which isn't. Love as an external goal, something which is sought outside men will always bring with itself a feeling of weakness, for the ego will always seek confirmation in something or someone. Love is not a sacrifice or an offering, where we give so much from ourselves that we lose our own identity. All this wisdom fills the little prince with strength without precursory. It seems as if all his cells are being submersed therein. He stands back up, filled with an extreme happiness, and moves himself to a gigantic and transparent dome, all the tonalities of blue shine from him. Together with the others, he steps through a portal and arrives at a room where a number of equipments are flickering. The instructor takes word...

"We'll be leaving in a few moments. A whole crew has already taken place in the ship and you are the only ones lacking".

Some time later, a spaceship appears with a velvety blue tone, carrying a crew of beings whose hearts is replenished with happiness and love. For the Earth's inhabitants this is easy to imagine as a mother ship. In this case its dimension is that of a little village or a little city on Earth. There are gardens with water cascades and flowers with the most exotic fragrances and colors. Places where one may rest but also a library, gathering places, a kind of restaurant and also many rooms where it is possible, by getting out of a very subtle material body, to get in contact with the progeny on Earth. In summary, everything has been thought for the delight as well of the body as of the soul. At certain places, one can hear a continuous very soft music. It has been specially chosen to add that which some need at certain moments. The knowledge of the strength and the possibilities of sound has been used for sometime in these planets and for the travelers there aren't any secrets. On Earth, men still lives in the conviction that such a space ship, travelling at the speed of light, would take years to reach Earth. Those are innocent convictions, that the little prince acknowledges with a smile, when he thinks that at that moment they have entered the aura of planet Earth. The gigantic ship starts its descending maneuvers. It slows down very rapidly, due in part to the lower frequencies where they find themselves now. The whole crew of terrestrial travelers get ready to go over to another smaller vehicle. The saying: the time is right, has never had a more profound meaning for the little prince as it has now...



16. Inside the Earth


Germaine raises her head slowly and opens her eyes. Meanwhile, it started to get dark over Bugarach. Close by, a thunder was threatening. Suddenly, a strong bolt of lightening crosses the clouds, which make her adventure still more exciting and complete. And it's due to the unstoppable sound of the thunder that she starts to wake up once again. If she doesn't start her trip back, she risks not being able to see anything. Mainly that part of the forest which must already be almost dark. She'd have liked to sit there a little longer to recover from the strange dream she had had. Or would that be one of those moments she had left her body, lately increasingly more frequent, which make her experience fascinating things. This time she descended to a kind of chamber which are found under the ground... right under Bugarach. The surroundings were damp and warm and there wasn't any sound. During all that time she had walked with her eyes glued to the floor, mainly to not slip, but now she had some time to better observe the surroundings. Even without any light, she could see clearly some drawing on one of the walls, a kind of fresco. There was the portrait of a man dressed in strange robes, who rested his hands on the stirring wheel of a kind of vehicle, completely strange to her. Suddenly, it seemed as if everything around her was impregnated with life. Everything started moving, turning. It was so surprising that threatened Germaine of losing all her control. As if she had been caught by a strong dizziness, she had the sensation of being part of a kind of spiral which was carrying her and projecting her inside the fresco, where everything had been made alive. Suddenly everything went still around her. In a strange silence. She found herself immobilized, near a being who laid his hands on the stirring of a kind of a small space ship, and who had his eyes directed to what we on Earth understand as an instrument panel. During a time she could not determine, they shot through space and flew over wonderful landscapes, but, mainly, over a series of pyramids. Amused, the interplanetary pilot was observing her. In normal conditions, she'd asked question after question, but, nevertheless, there she was, in silence... almost immobilized, observing all things taking place. Suddenly a flash of light... and she discovered she was still in Bugarach, with the thunder nearby.

The way down, when possible, is still more difficult and more tiring than climbing. It has to be done very slowly and she holds on to her walking stick as if it was it which was showing her the way. She focused on the way behind her, where the sky was now dark, and fails to see the great oval light which has appeared and which was getting closer and closer to Earth...

The small vehicle doesn't encounter the least difficulty to cross matter and appears to render itself visible or invisible, or bigger and smaller, with great easiness... all dependent on the thoughts of the once driving it. It pierces a passage through a gigantic cliff to enter an underground chamber. With great dexterity, it approaches the bottom, as if it was made for such purpose. Nothing vibrates or shakes. It simply has a soft touch. A gate opens and the passengers get out. They are dressed in a kind of space suit in a soft and shinny material, made to protect their bodies from the atmospheric Earth radiations to which they are now exposed. The landing place didn't look very inviting. It was cold, dark and, in a certain way, lifeless. The instructor made a sign for them to follow him. The little group started to move in the direction of an opening in the stone where a soft light was expecting them. The travelers crossed the opening and discovered behind it a smaller room, illuminated by its own walls. These are healthy, polished and light. It's not the work of men, that is clear... everyone seems to think in choir. In the center of the room a little ball floats, between heaven and Earth, as one can find in certain information rooms in Venus. Contrarily to the space a while ago, it was nice in there. A softness, a warmth, a vitality embraces the hearts of the freshly arrived.

Suddenly, six beings arrive as coming from the wall. Whatever it was, no opening was visible. Some are dressed in long robes, closed with a belt. The look a bit like Earth's inhabitants but their skin is of another color which cannot be described. One of them takes the word.

"I'd like to wish you welcome. We aren't alien to your instructor, but at our request, he always has kept hidden our existence.

Therefore our gratitude. We are here to help you on your mission." This being who has wished you welcome shows great warmth and also shines great compassion. All his companions shine the same sort of energy. One of them, with an olive colored skin, continues.

"In truth, we aren't what could be called the Earth's inhabitants, even though this Earth is our home. We have come from places where men has no clue. A long time ago, so long that on Earth no remaining has been left, we have lived on the surface. Our civilization had a technology which wasn't comparable with that of present evolution on Earth. The hearts of men have become much colder and hard and, meanwhile, his avidity for power has impregnated all his cells... to his soul, unfortunately... We, quickly, discovered that this situation would mean the death of our civilization, if nothing was done to alter this. The Earth would have to be rebuild once again, so it would occupy its place among the planets of this solar system... and this would take some time, which, for the majority of humankind, wouldn't leave the slightest trace of how it had been before. To get around this catastrophic scenario, we have decided, together with the great council of the wise, to keep a great part of our wisdom, by going to live inside the Earth. The planet Earth has a number of underground places hidden. We have learned to know the arteries of the Earth and its arteries have brought us to its heart. Here also there is a sun and a sky which allows our presences when required. We have abandoned, therefore, the surface of the Earth for those who the hunger of power has become big, we have promised ourselves no more to mingle with those up there, while their hearts keep moving in the stream of the wanting, the fear and the subservience. We are still ready to give everything to help in that which is required, according to the pact of the alliance planets. At this moment, the Earth goes through a wave of change with no precedence. This happening has all our attention and requires the collaboration of everything which lives in our solar system. While the human race continues to play war, by thinking they have to believe in the interests of their own land, an ideal of a religion, other alliances will be made, or broken which have nothing to do with such fascinations of the Earth's inhabitants. These creatures, who live on the surface of the planet, don't have the least awareness of the moment taking place. Their interests are oppressively vapid and have rarely anything to do with an ideal of engagement by the whole. Men, since long, has not recognized that which has made him to act this way and keeps, without scruples, manipulating and being manipulated." The being who says these words has no form of disdain in his voice. On the contrary. He recognizes, in a clear way, the Earth's history and that of its inhabitants. Afterwards, another takes the word.

"And I can assure you that he is being manipulated. For they have not the slightest idea that there are thoughts tearing his energy, which, by other words, parasite him. These thoughts suck him completely dry and transform him in a prisoner, independently of the little energy that he's able to gain. If they up there would finally understand that they have to think for themselves, we would be able to take a first step in the good direction. As you all know, we have always had contact with the stars and the planets of your solar system. At this moment, we are more than ready to help them, for also the conditions for our own lives are being threatened. Don't think we are being moved by selfishness. We know well that the great lessons cannot be learned with the help of others but by learning with our own mistakes."

In our little group there exists an entity specialized in the secret history of planet Earth and our guests inspire it to, apparently, take the word.

"From this moment on that you have entered this room, I understood that you are what we call the inter-terrestrials...

and that our lives take place there where some Earth's inhabitants call the hollow Earth. We have heard many times about your history and we know, among other things, that you keep a certain bond with those on the surface and we know of your search for a great secret related to the transformation of matter. In connection with alchemy, you still have a certain connection with some of the Earth's inhabitants. In this context, you are masters and they up there, who carry the lead in their souls, and wish to transform that in gold, belong to your group of more faithful disciples, even not being aware of your physical presence."

The third inhabitant of the hollow Earth who had been the whole time contemplating the light ball, and from which has probably withdrawn information, takes now of the word.

"The Earth's inhabitants have, in fact, no recalling of the facts by them perpetrated, which have had as a consequence, the total desertification of the majority of the green places of their planet. Profoundly, in them there still reigns a fear and at the same time a thirst for power, but, on the other side, there is still a great necessity, from the bottom of their hearts to see things flourish. And with this I mean not only the peace among men, as also that in the universe and in the stars, that divine peace which has no end and which drags itself in each being."

That was the moment when he interrupted himself. There followed a short break, when he started to scan the new freshly arrived, one by one. When he got to the little prince, he got stuck and made a sign for him to follow. The instructor follows them. The three arrive at a narrow corridor a couple of hundred meters long, to finally exit in another small room in which the only furniture is a stone bed, covered with a piece of cloth and a big pillow. Asked by the man, the little prince lays on the bed and the two men sit close to him on two big cushions which serve as chair.

"I wish to clarify well what will take place at this moment." Said the man. "Your body, which has a certain amount of memories, as well as physical as psychic, will be stored with the greatest of care inside a secret and, above all, sacred place here on Earth. This is simply the place where the transmigration will happen. Afterwards, your body will be taken far from here, where it will be kept in the most complete peace, to await a possible awakening. Many bodies are kept this way, awaiting their reactivation."

The instructor who has been sitting behind him, placed one hand upon the shoulder and gave him a beverage with a mother-of-pearl color which he drank very slowly with his eyes closed. Then he stretched on the bed, tries to relax as much as possible and to listen to what his host has to tell him.

"Never forget that no one can force you to do what you have decided to do and that the result, in its whole, will only depend on you. What we ask you to realize is a very special task and, whatever the result, you won't ever get the blame. There are very few who are willing to engage in this kind of challenge. On its own, the fact that you have accepted this task is a wonderful act of love. I tell you this so that you won't be too demanding on yourself in moments or circumstances that are difficult... Some of those who have preceded you have wished to know how long they would have to live in a body that wasn't theirs. Well... The time that elapses will always be your greatest barrier... tot the moment that you offer yourself completely to the situation on Earth and its limitations. We'll never define beforehand a certain amount of time. But, don't worry. Your life will unfold among men, with all what leads them to mistaking and learning, which, sometimes will bring you a certain feeling of culpability, while in reality, you are simply a being who learns and exchanges information. What you will soon experience, will make you rich. To descend in an adult body is much more difficult and it requires a greater effort than when a soul inhabits a body from birth. You'll, therefore, lose some years of experience, but these won't be necessary for you. That which you have chosen beforehand, you won't need infancy, or adolescence to get done. That you'll know from your life on Earth, you'll know through those who have left her body. You'll certainly make the greatest mistakes, for your not up to the point of performing the simple daily tasks on Earth and no wonder if your spirit will be regularly tempted to leave its body. You'll know that the moment you'll detach yourself. A bit of yourself will be attached to the Earth and another part will be bond to the stars. The most difficult work that you'll have to accomplish will be: the union between these two aspects, those who live in you, and to love them. Without judging. You'll put on clothes from another person and you'll be that other person without being that person. Until the moment that you have rediscovered your own identity in a sort of divine fusion, where you'll finally be yourself and only yourself, even in the garments of another person; and you'll become that person without being that person. In one of those moments, the Earth will be light to you, for you won't be experiencing it outside of yourself.

The little prince almost didn't hear those words. He entered a kind of fog, a deep sleep... Getting out of his body, he would now enter the last stage to a body which was not aware of what was about to take place.



17. The transmigration

Not very far from that place, Germaine was searching a way through the dark. Meanwhile, darkness was complete and the only lights were those from will o' the wisps which annouce the end of the storm. She's completely soaked and desperately searching a point of recognition. She must have taken the wrong path and has now the impression with her eyes closed that she's walking in circles. Exhausted, she rests against a tree. A feeling of frustration takes her over. In her seethes a rage. She feels that she has no control of whatever it may be and moved by her despair, tries to get back to her feet. But she doesn't understand that it is precisely that fight which makes everything heavier. There is no one who can help her. She has the sensation of becoming mad. And it is precisely at that moment that from the bottom of the tunnel, she hears a kind of whisper... It seems like a voice. She even is able to distinguish words; words that if put after one another seem to have a meaning. Germaine stops fighting; frees herself, relaxes and listens...

Notwithstanding her relaxing not seeming to be one of the possibilities, the voice has a kind of relaxing influence on her. And, bit by bit she becomes more and more calm. She curled up in a fetal position and listened carefully to know if there was still anything else.

"Your departure is planed for within a couple of moments, as we have agreed together. Your life will continue on other existence levels, but it will be, nevertheless, bound to me in a very subtle form without any obligation. And until the moment that I also will leave your physical body. In a little while, the expected exchange will take place. Therefore, I ask you to leave your body as you have been doing in the past, so that I may take your place. Notwithstanding what has been agreed in this matter having taken place a long time ago, you may always say no..."

A peaceful silence seized Germaine's heart. In an instant, she contemplates once again the astral meetings, which have prepared her for this moment. She also remembers that she had made a compromise, and a great happiness takes her over. Of all the fear from a while ago, there is no trace.  From now on there is no shoulder to rest upon, nor will she await advise from others; nobody will be able to help her... From deep in her soul, a great 'yes' takes shape, a powerful 'yes', a 'yes' of complete acceptance. From that moment on, as well as her body as her soul start relaxing and her body enters a profound and benign sleep.

Close to that body, the energies start in a strong whirl and create impressing spirals while, bit by bit, the feeble material body of Germaine takes shape near her physical shell. Germaine observes with the greatest of pleasures the funny pressure that is now visible on her physical body. Suddenly, a group of little beings, which look a bit like elf's, dwarfs and salamanders, appear which apparently await next to her body for a sign to act. The semblance of something which appears as a human being, approaches more and more and embraces the young Germaine in his arms of light. A short but powerful fusion which leaves around a trace of shining sparks of love and life... Afterwards, the semblance hastens to the abandoned body, so that it could take over of his new vehicle. With great care and no less respect, he lays upon the apparently lifeless body. Everything happens without an effort, like some carefully designed choreography of a ballet of light. To Germaine it was as if time had stood still for some moments, while she kept observing her body, fascinated. That was the moment for which the little beings had waited. They got in action, and that is the least that could be said for all what they have done as a team. They make a kind of restoration, which, for moments, seems like sewing, adaptations which will only be applicable at their level, but are essentially required for the exchange which had taken place on that moment. Each movement is made with the greatest precision; they come and go with a structured dexterity, a bit comparable with the bees around a beehive.

Notwithstanding the fact that they work one upon the other, there is not a single shock one again the other or whatever that may hamper their tasks. It seems as if their actions were directed by an outside force.

Germaine found herself still in the neighborhood of her body and continues to follow all that work with the great fascination, and, at the same time, a tremendous peace takes her over. Not only peace as also happiness. For the first time she feels completely free! Free from everything. All questions she had, gone and they didn't matter any longer. It was as if the essence of things was now to be found some other place. The little prince took her body completely over, which will be his/hers during several years. After embracing Germaine, he felt the experience of both their lives, which was only apparently very different... The first moment in the new body are always a bit difficult. It seems that the outfit was made too tight. And also everything was so heavy... much more that what he had expected. It made him feel muffled, as if he had gone with great strength against a gigantic cobweb and could not free himself from it. Close by, he notices the feeble semblance of Germaine and asks himself how long it will take him to integrate the atoms of that physical body. The instructor has spoken of seven terrestrial years, but to this new Germaine this could go a bit faster. The little creatures are finishing the last touches of their intervention in this happening and one of them approaches his ear and whispers the following: "Everything is going just fine! Don't worry. Soon, when we are gone, you'll forget the majority of what's taking place now. You still have a lot to learn, but should not worry about these things; at this moment they are completely irrelevant and without use." With a shrill laugh, the little creature continues his work, but still comes back to add a little thing: "I will help you forget these moments... you just have to desire it with much strength." The little prince who, from now on we'll simply call Germaine, throws himself to a total relaxation and observes as the figure of his precedent inhabitant slowly, as a mist, starts dissipating. Even before it totally disappears, she waves with her hand, a tender gesture of great beauty only adorned in love...

Only a few hundred meters from there, Tony and a number of friends, all equipped with lanterns, sweep the forest in detail. It wouldn't take them more than an hour before finding the soaked and chilled body of Germaine. All together improvised a kind of a primitive stretcher and took her with all the care to a little house in the neighborhood. A doctor has been called, but everything seems to be all right... In the morning, Germaine wakes up from a deep sleep. She's laying on a bed which is too big and has removed the bed spread a little to the side, so she could breathe. Deep inside she desires that someone enters quickly in her room, someone with a familiar, known face... in other words, someone who will make her anchor to her new role, so that she could left behind that difficult birth, once and for all. She feels the necessity of looking into those deep steel blue eyes who he has seen so often in his training period from another dimension. In this manner, he could make truce with that suffocating feeling that that heavy body is causing him that moment. For a while he starts to see images of a recent past, images of the instructor, the ship, Germaine's body, and the little dwarf who had come to help... With great attention looks around and discovers, as a new born, the world that surrounds him. The room where he's laying is like a landscape still waiting to be discovered, like the bed, the wall paper, the other furniture, the window half open which is providing fresh air and a great will to live. Behind the window, there is a figure observing in silence. The moment he looks in his direction, he tilts slightly his head to the right and says in a colorful voice: "Welcome again, to the world of the living!.."


18. The world of the living

Germaine was taken by Tony to the provisional care of a young boy who lived not very far from Bugarach, in a little house near the river in Rennes Les Bains. Aimé de Wit was his name. Tony had phoned his work and had asked for a couple of days off. This way, Germaine had time to, calmly regain her strength. She had remained unconscious for a few hours. But now it seemed as everything was getting back to normal. The doctor had advised her to rest like that for a few days, and Tony had been gone for a few hours to retrieve the little boy from Germaines parents. That way they could enjoy the company of the three. Meanwhile, Germaine had moved to a deck chair in the garden, with view to the mountains on one side and on the other to the Sals, a friendly little river which is wide but not deep. Each little corner of the landscape could serve as model for a painting. Aimé, the owner of the little house, which could best be described as 'the little house with the little blue windows', came to seat next to her. He was there when Tony had found her and had immediately proposed for them to stay a few days with him. A proposal that Tony, without thinking any further, had accepted. Aimé had placed the back of her chair forward and was using it as leaning for his chin and arms. Aimé was still a young boy and had eyes that gave away a relationship with the angels. But that thought Germaine kept to herself. It took some time before something was said. It was Aimé who broke the silence: "You were very lucky! If we hadn't found you quickly, you wouldn't be inhabiting a body any longer."

Germaine had no idea how to answer that. That boy had a strange way to describe that she could have been dead...

"Inhabit a body..." repeated her loudly to give herself the time to think about something else with meaning.

"Yes" said Aimé, he pierced his eyes as it were, right to her soul. "Few people are aware that, in reality, they are not the body, but the soul which inhabits it. And that is the reason why the majority of people are so afraid of dying. But, the opposite is also true. Some souls take a long time before they decide to incarnate once again."

"You have a very special way to start a conversation", said Germaine; "haven't you ever had the feeling that the people, with that type of sincerity, disconnect?"

"I feel it quickly, with whom I can do it and with whom I can't and with you I knew it at once..."

Instead of completing his sentence, he showed a soft smile, very expressive. During a long time there was again silence. Only the nature around let herself be heard...

"I feel that it's not really a coincidence that I am here with you..." His smile got even broader.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"Oh no, in no way. I even dare saying, on the contrary. You have no idea how happy I am that things go as they go. I only feel like things that happen are agreed in advance. But this is impossible, since it's the first time in my life that I see you."

"What do you do for a living?" Germaine tried to change subject.

"In truth, I am very lucky I can use my talents to earn my bread. Lithotherapy, gemtherapy, purification of the cellular memory, crystal musical therapy and I also work with crystal skulls... but if anyone else was to ask me that question, I would simply say that I am in the retail of stones and crystals..."

To Germaine, all that was going too fast. She had never thought that the coincidences on Earth could be of that nature, that she would feel immediately at home. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a few moments. Blindfolded she searched for Aimé's hands and asked him: "who am I really?"

"Like all people on this planet, at this moment I am your mirror. Therefore, my first question to you is: who am I in fact? Could you tell me that? But you are not required to answer this question. First I'll tell you the following. You know, on this Earth there some people are constantly receiving tasks from the other side. One of these tasks could be: to take the deceased souls to the light, in case they persist in clinging to Earth, or to the restoration of the energies in force fields; but it could also be that certain people are given the task to play a role in the dreams of others. Not that the others could do what they don't want to, that never; don't forget that they, on the other side, have the greatest respect for the free will.

But people that act in the dreams of men, may suggest certain choices, in one way or the other, so that, when they wake up, they carry with them a kind of seed so that the following day, or after some days, suddenly something will indicate something important. And this is precisely what has happened to me a few nights ago. I saw in my dreams a man in a pilot uniform. A man who has showed me the next-to-last page of the little book I have here in my house. I believe that in each house in France there is a copy of this same little book. And on that page, there is the drawing of the little boy being bitten by a snake in the desert and he falls slowly to the ground and never gets up again. That was what I have seen in my dream. And the night after that, we have found you. Immobilized against the stem of a tree. But you were still alive. And, suddenly, it came to my thoughts that image of that little boy, just like I have dreamed... And I still haven't been able to make the connection with you, but I feel that there is some connection.

"My husband is, naturally, a pilot" left Germaine as by chance, escape "and my little boy loves planes... That may be the connection..."

"I still will be able to find it", said Aimé; "but I leave you for now. Soon, your husband and your son will be here and that could be extra stressful for you. Therefore, enjoy your rest a little longer..."He got up, pulled the chair to the back, looking up at the clouds attentively, as if they, one by one, had something to tell him.


19. Rennes Les Bains gives clear signs


Soon after noon Tony and Victor arrived. Even before the car was well parked, Victor jumped outside and ran through the path in the garden which led to the little porch where Germaine was enjoying the lukewarm son of the end of the year. His heart was beating in his throat. In the past he had visited the little boy in his dreams, but this first meeting with the living matter was somewhat different. The intensity with which the little one ran to Germaine made free in her clear emotions. When Victor arrived at her sight, he halted. Without breath, he stood near the chair. She opened here arms, ready to give him a warm embrace but he remained still and looked her in the eyes, like Aimé had done, some time before.

"I'm so happy you have come" said Germaine.

"I know" said Victor. "I also am happy that you came... It took much too long but finally we are together once again."

"It was not that long", said Germaine, unsure, "two or three days is not that much of a time"...

"I don't mean that" said the little one, while leaning his forehead against his mother's. That he had never done before, but, apparently, he had an intention in doing that. Suddenly, a telepathic connection was made and real thoughts were actually exchanged and with intensity. It was as if both had had access to an immense library of information. Slowly and full of tenderness, Germaine surrounded that amazing little creature in her arms. Meanwhile, Tony, had come closer as well. He remained on his knees, next to his little son and with his arms he made a circle around. Someone who was able to see aura's would be able to testify of a wonderful show of color, where the aura's of the three mortals completely mingled in a complete harmony. Not very far from there, behind the little kitchen window with the little blue doors, Aimé was enjoying this marvelous display and a feeling of perfect happiness took over him. Here and now! Germaine was free from the embrace and feels something running down her face. She was just about to clean it with her fingers, but Tony anticipated. A rain of tears had to be comforted. Tony got up, in a single movement placed Victor on his shoulders and suggested taking a little walk through the village. There they could search for a little motel. For, in order to shelter three visitors, there was little room in the little house with the blue windows.

"I'll go first to let Aimé know of our plans", said Tony, while he placed Victor once again on solid ground. "You go ahead; i'll catch up with you!"

Germaine and Victor looked at each other very meaningfully; gave hands and started walking in silence. Until the end of the path in the garden, past the gate and afterwards to the right in the direction of the center. To their left, Germaine saw some children playing in the little not very deep river. They were all displacing big stones, with which they were making a little square dam, where they were going to keep the water of Sals. A little further, to the right, there was a couple on a little balcony on a second floor, making their romantic plans. On the little bridge they'd have to cross, there was a little Indian boy trying to express his emotions through his flute. Then they arrived at the main street. The 'grande rue des Thermes'. For moments, it seemed as if Germaine hesitated. Should they go left or to the right, she thought.

"To the right" said Victor, and he pulled her to the indicated side, as if, suddenly, there was no time to lose. A few tens of meters ahead, they arrived to the 'Place des deux Rennes', a little square which more resembled an invitation to a little break. On the opposite side of the square there was the 'café à l'or Loge kfé', a place with an outdoor sitting adorned by huge orange parasols. At one of the little tables, there was a man of a certain age sitting. Barefooted. He kept his eyes almost close as if was continuously looking a the sun.

He had a kind of trousers of a Japanese fisherman on and his head was garnished by a funny hat with feathers. He was whistling a little tune, the 'Douce France' from Charles Trenet and wasn't expecting anything else of life on that day. The cafe owner went outside with the newspaper in his hand and told him that he had good news to share. In Sumatra a rhinoceros had been born. The old man stopped whistling for a moment such that silence was made in his heart and he looked, unaware, in the direction of Victor who continued his little tune and started to sing. "Douce France... Cher pays de mon enfance... Bercée de tendre insouciance...Je t’ai gardée dans mon coeur!" In that moment, dad had arrived. He was breathless, listening to his little son of three years' serenade and wanted to know how a little boy of that age seemed like an accredited street singer, who with so much dexterity was able to interpret the text of that little melody from 1943.

"Nothing is easier, said the little Victor. At the time that France was still in war, everyone sang that melody. And I did just the same thing that you are doing now: piloting planes. Come, mom, I'd like to show you something." He grabbed his mother's hand and went, like some certified guide, to a window of a shop, a little further ahead, on the other side of the street. Tony, who was feeling himself a little too much there, arrived a few meters behind. The surprises wouldn't cease. Victor had reached his goal, or so it seemed. It was as if he had been there every day; he stopped just in front of the 'passage des Escatades' before a big window of a shop where they only sold DVDs. The inside of the shop was all illuminated by a kind of swing we only see in the Christmas season. Behind the window, only all sorts of different DVD boxes could be seen, but they seemed all alike. Inside there were a couple rows of chairs, as if at any moment they were expecting public.

Victor looked at his mom, very expressively and told his dad:

"Daddy, I believe mommy wants to go in here for a little while... I want to say... well, don't ask me why, but I know she does. Meanwhile, we can, a little further over there, go and check out a room for tonight." The mastery with which the little one was imposing himself was of an indisputable purity that his parents simple and without thinking about it, just did what he said. "Come, daddy! A little ahead is the Hotel De France. Look, it's there! That one with the little green windows."

"And what's the problem with the other hotels? As that one there with the white parasols, or the Résidence de la Reine?" asked Tony very interested.

"In truth, nothing. But if you don't want to sleep tonight, because I am the whole time talking to those who you call my imaginary friends, then it's better that we ought to choose the Résidence de la Reine".

"You still have problems with that?"

"Not as before. But since mommy has taught me to guide the little souls to the light, there aren't any more problems... or maybe you don't believe me?... Don't say more; you don't believe in me; I can hear you thinking. You have to understand that it's not always that easy. Like that time, some weeks ago. But they were many. A full barrack from a concentration camp. Can you imagine all of them in your room?.. That wasn't very funny"...

At that moment they entered the Hotel de France, the hotel with the little green windows. Germaine could barely believe that child wasn't even four. Fantastic! What a luck.. She put a big smile on her lips while opening the heavy glass doors of the Debowska Productions.



20. Coincidence doesn't exist

The room where she was hadn't properly been decorated with taste. Hundreds of little DVD boxes looked like mosaics, stored in a kind of showroom with movable shelves and against the wall. This last looked a bit as those places in certain cemeteries where there are many wall cabinets where the remaining of what used to be human lives are kept. These DVDs are not something different than that. The passions and the missions of the lives of countless people were kept in those disks. The titles made a number of bells inside Germaine ring and gave her the conviction that everything in her terrestrial life was being directed to the good paths. Like the soundtrack of her own life, the titles keep coming. Messages of nature spirits. The silence that unites us. My trips to cities in the inside Earth. Reality and illusion. Science and spirituality. Stories from beyond. Accounts of near death experiences; witnesses. The crop circles. The new children. The awareness of Arcturus. Mainly from the last three, she felt a great interior warmth. That was a little as if she was returning home. She needed to sit down. Chairs galore. She sat in the middle of the first row and did let the awareness of Arcturus lay on her lap. At that moment, the owner of the Debowska Productions, comes in the room. She wants to stand up again, but can't immediately. Her emotions were too strong. She rapidly has to do something with that, thinks, for she doesn't want to become her own victim. Miss Debowska stretches her hand to welcome her and lays the other on Germaine's shoulder. With a slight pressure pushes Germaine back to the chair.

"Keep calm madam. May I offer you a glass of water?"

Before that Germaine was able to answer, she was already gone. Which had allowed Germaine the chance to regain conscience. Her emotions looked stronger than her and it would be difficult for her to control that human weakness.

"Here am I again", said the lady of the Debowska Productions, while she entered once again from behind a closed curtain, as someone who had been a model in a past life. She placed her feet in a way more spread out that the majority of people who Germaine had encountered. And when she was stopped, she'd cross her legs like someone who is thinking about some choreography, but is suddenly detained.

"I see that you have found something", said with a good doses of human warmth in her voice. "The awareness of Arcturus.. with Donald Doan. That is a walk from Quebec. A phenomenon of which the common public is totally unaware.

A walk, I mean. A walk known in France is that of Anne Givaudan. She even wrote a book on that. Very interesting. But I don't want to influence you. Please, see everything at your own pace. And if you'd care I can give you a catalog; that way you don't need to stand the whole time". Madam Debowska turned elegantly on the tips of her toes and grabbed, in a dared pirouette, a list from the counter, finally turning back to her own heals, handing the list to Germaine with a little bow.

"But I still haven't introduced myself; what a lack of politeness from my part... My name is Malgorzata... that is my name. I am from Polish origin. To some of my customers a name that cannot be pronounced, I understand, and therefore you could call me Hedwige, which is the equivalent to Jadwiga, my second name. My companion Konstanty and I have made from the simple reports of wisdom of all these exceptional people, a kind of mission of our lives. All witnesses coming from my heart, piece by piece, encounters to never forget; a kind of mosaic of little pieces of life within a lifetime... or something like that... " For a moment, she remains in silence and pays great attention to a customer, while turning her head sideways. She sits near the customer. "The first DVD on the list is already sold out. That one of the new children, because the main character in that documentary has chosen another path and has chosen us to erase that DVD from our collection. What we surely did. Because respect is above all..."

Germaine drinks the last bit of water and places the glass on the chair next to her. She remembers that she hadn't said whatever it was, meanwhile Hedwige was asking:

"How do you come up here, for I have the impression to have seen you here before? Certainly not in this lifetime"... she adds as a joke.

"In truth, it was my son who brought me here" she said carefully, not knowing in which way the truth could be interpreted.

"And how does this young man knows us?" Asks Hedwige, with curiosity.

"I have no idea. I believe that he also wouldn't be able to explain it either. These children of nowadays say such thing, that sometimes they hit bull's eye, but from where all that wisdom comes, they have no explanation."

"Oh, what a blessing! A child from the new era!" let's Hedwige escape, and it's clear that she believes in it 200 %.

"I have no idea. But I have all confidence that you may be right. Everything is very new to me, you know; and there are many things to which I still have to get used to."

"I may be able to help you", says Hedwige, with conviction. She gets up and goes straight to a carousel on wheels, where there hang some DVDs. She takes two of them. "Please, these are for you. 'The white eagle' an Indian who brings some awareness to the new people in matters related with nature, and 'Marie Françoise Neveu and the awareness of Arcturus'... Hedwige looks discretely to the other side, as if she hadn't noticed anything. Right after, she looks at Germaine, right in her eyes and makes the 10000$ question: "What would you think about us making a documentary? We just have met, but my intuition tells me that you have much to tell us. But not now.. when the time is right", she adds in a comforting tone.

"Germaine breathes in deeply. Everything goes way too fast... she thinks. In thought, she thanks her guides. She seems to hesitate for a moment and says: "I believe that your intuition is telling you the truth. What I want to say..." In that moment, the big glass doors of the Debowska Productions, open once again and Victor comes in running. He arrives just a bit before his dad. He arrives to mom, filled with words: "so, mommy, wasn't I right when I told you that you had something here to do?" Germaine didn't even have time to answer. Victor jumped on her lap and whispers in her ear:

"I believe that you still haven't noticed that on the back row an army of your imaginary friends is sitting right now. And they are all applauding very enthusiastic." He then jumps away from her lap and goes straight to Hedwige, gives her a hand and says: "good morning, madam, my name is Victor and you are... from where do I know you?"


21. All days are party days but today is the greatest

Germaine had won with Victor the big lottery, that was sure. Today he would turn four, which in his case would mean: middle age. In other words, old enough to know what to do or not to do, but young enough to do it. In summary, Victor was the striking example of a child of the new age who hasn't been intimidated by laws and rules. And also by the laws of gravity. It could be that he would watch a vase make a walk on the window railing. Or that he would lay down on his bed and would make all toys enter the room by means of telekinesis, so that they would get to where he wanted them to be. He would regularly sit in front of the open window, talking with the old wise men, as he described them, who, by way of speaking were helping him making choices. For a common mortal, there was no clue of any old men, but, let us say that Victor seemed to be in good company. Tony, who, in reality, already had a lot, due to his relationship with Germaine, still had some difficulties with all that. Mainly when Victor apparently had made friendship with the little ghost from the second floor, who was restricted to the pantry and who would keep his word about what was agreed with Victor. During the day, the little ghost could stay with him in the room, but at night he'd have to return to his place. Victor made tight friendships with the flowers in the garden who were regularly entertained with his company with whom he would keep unending conversations. But today it was his birthday and there would be a little party. As you may imagine, a little party with some friends, a cake and presents and maybe even some other surprise. In summary, a regular party, as it was usual to do on Earth. His father had advised him to not start talking to the little ghost of the second floor and even less to the old wise men and had also said that a normal person leaves the plate on the table at the same place where he placed it. Victor would follow his indications with a spirit of disobedience and Tony was always afraid of what could happen. But his worries had no reason. Victor was an example of what one could expect from a boy of his age. At least... in the first hour. After that he could enjoy a diverse company of children surrounding him, thanks to his accounts of flying saucers, and the girls loved letting themselves be captured by some cute extraterrestrial, like Victor. After playing a bit this way, they'd follow the birthday boy to the second floor where Victor had his room. They'd sit on the floor and Victor on his bed, for he had promised to tell them a very interesting and true story. And they got it. The story was about a boy of about 10 who didn't want to go to school. "...not because he was bad, no.. simply because he had already learned that all. Even before the teacher asked the question, and, therefore, he thought school was very boring. They knew that the teacher had told them... that the water came from the faucet..." All of a sudden, he completely changes his tone. It seemed as everything was about to become much more interesting..."One night, Jantje was looking at the television screen, watching one of those ridiculous children's programs and, after about ten minutes, he turned off the set and went to his little room to look at the stars. Could it be that they'll come again tonight -thought Jantje.. Finally, Jantje was taken by some friends who, by way of speaking, came from Sirius. He was taken to their space ship"... as the girls in the group got closer to the boys and were awating anxious for the rest of the story..."you don't need to be afraid", said the brave Victor; "there's no reason to be afraid, for the boys from Sirius were, in fact, much like people. Kind of Jantje's family. And twice a week, they'd take Jantje along to assist a special meeting, where there were many more children. But, in fact, those were no real children, for their souls were much older and wiser.."

Victor stopped for a while; grabbed two pillows and placed them at the border of the bed and with his chin on his little arms, he continued. He would enjoy, by way of speaking, all that attention..."During the meeting", he continued "many interesting things would be arranged; like the things that have to appear in the European laws. They also laughed a great deal during the meeting, for what the grown ups sometimes would pass as laws was simply laughable. But the people on Earth don't see that. They can't see things at a certain distance, as it was the case of Jantje and of his friends from Sirius. During those meetings, Jantje had seen his little cousin Michel a number of times. He was a number of years younger and had gone to Earth for the first time. For that reason, he had been born in the family of Jantje. This way, Jantje could help him a little bit. Michel came officially from Sirius, but his parents, certainly didn't know this. And of course, he hadn't ever told them he had come to Earth on a mission. But he could talk about these things with Jantje. About these and many other things..."Victor suspended his story for a little while. He had noticed the presence of the little ghost in one corner of the room, who had been attracted by Victor's story, probably because he was feeling a little lonely in the pantry, where he had remained closed for a very loooooong time. Victor took a peek at his audience, but no one had notice anything..."From that and many other things", he repeated... "about wars, for example. Not even Jantje nor Michel would understand that people on Earth found it funny to wage war. And for which reason did they have in school history lesson? Nothing of that was really necessary. You even could flunk that subject in school. What has happened, has happened"... said Victor. And his voice started to turn a little upset. It's naturally a story as it was told, a true story..." the only thing which counts is what is happening now. And of that the two little cousins were very much aware. And..." Victor stood once again on his bed..."and do you know what the great message is from the inhabitants of Sirius to all of us here on Earth?" He looked around to the little crowd around him who listened. But no one dared say whatever it could be. "The message to the inhabitants of Sirius is that they have to believe in themselves. The power is in yourselves. The only thing you have to do is to shine it to others"... All became very quiet in the little room of the little Victor who had said everything. He looked at the little ghost and with a gesture made a sign with his eyes that he ought to leave. A few seconds later, the silence was broken by the noise of a frame, depicting a jumping dolphin, that, suddenly, and without reason, fell from the wall. The children disappeared running and screaming from the room. With the exception of one of them, Mike. Victor's little cousin. He got a little closer and said: "You still aren't ten years old..." Victor went to sit once again at the end of the bed. "No, I only am four. But this way they would not suspect that it would go about us two..."


22. The cherry on the cake

A few minutes later, Victor appeared once again in the garden, with his little cousin. He was holding the frame in both hands with the wonderful dolphins, and ran in the direction of his dad. There was a big crack from one side to the other of the glass and he was expecting that dad would do something fast to fix it. But Tony was talking to Mike's mother and payed little attention to his son; laid the frame on the floor, leaning against a tree. Victor hated procrastinating things -with him, things would have to happen always: there and now- he was trying to find a way to get all his father's attention. He got close to the aunt, tugged on her sleeve and said loudly: "aunt Roos!"

"Yes, boy..." she interrupted the conversation with her brother and got on her knees to be on the same level as Victor. This he found much better and because she got so close, he continued almost whispering...

"Did you know they are all people?"

"People?.. Who?"

Yes, the dolphins!"

"Surely they aren't, my dear Victor. Dolphins are dolphins. They surely are mammals but continue to always be fish."

"All right. They are dolphins. But they used to be people!"

"What do you mean by that?.. " asked aunt Roos, who truly was very amazed with all that. She looked at her brother, winked one eye and left, with her beautiful white dress, went to sit on the grass and laying her arms around Victor, conspiring in his plot, so that no one would have to listen to that.

"Yes, aunt Roos. Now they are simply dolphins, but a long time ago, they were people. People who were much wiser and always knew the reason why children do certain things and meanwhile don't understand any longer that you and I, and daddy and mommy and everything that exists, in fact a great everything is; well... when people die, then they are a step closer to the others, and that way can choose who they want to be the next time the are born. And then there are the wise souls who choose to be born as dolphins. Therefore, never say only a fish to a dolphin. For, truly, they aren't even fish. They are many levels higher than the teacher at school... "Aunt Roos got even more quiet with all that. Meanwhile, Tony had grabbed the frame and was studying the crack on the glass as if it was some world wonder, so that he wouldn't have to take part in that conversation. Aunt Roos took a deep breath and asked him with interest:

"And when you are that high that you can choose to be a dolphin, can you choose to not be born ever again?"

"Yes, one can" said Victor, pompously, "but in that case, you'll have to be veeeeeeery high. But, in truth, those always choose to come back as a person, but then they are born as Jesus or Mohamed.. do you understand?... This kind of high people."

Meanwhile, Germaine, who was coming inside with a basket filled with fruit from the garden, got closer and had even caught Victor's last words. She was very proud of the evenhandedness, boldness and simplicity with which Victor, notwithstanding his young age had shown. While she offered aunt Roos and Victor some fruit, she asked, smiling:

"Victor, tell us something; if you will be able to choose the next time, how would you like to come back, like Jesus or Mohamed? And for which reason?"

"Mommy" said Victor with a kind of sweetness in his voice "I have already chosen to come to the world as Victor, the same way that you have chosen to be my mom. But if daddy asks why you wanted to be my mom, what would you answer him?"

Victor opened both his little hands and was awaiting an answer. Germaine placed an apple on them. Tony now was listening with all his attention. He had felt that Victo wanted to make something clear to his mom, but he had no idea what it was. To Germaine it was all very clear. For moments, it seemed as Victor was about to take a bite at that apple, but then he rethought on his action and said:

"When you cut an apple in the middle, you'll see it's core. If you could do the same with the Earth, then you'd see about more or less the same thing. However, in that core there also live beings."

Tony, who had gone to sit on the floor now, made the following comment: "but there you have the magma.. and that is very very hot".

"For you well, daddy, but not to the little beings. To them that is as if it was our atmosphere. For they live there! In the middle. And also above... Let's say... as high as like on our atmosphere. It's that way you ought to see things. They are very little creatures but they are very powerful. They can almost everything. And, sometimes they go on trips. To the sides of the Earth... but, sometimes, also in the universe." At that moment, Victor bit the apple, gave it to his dad and said:

"Hold it a little bit. I have to go pee." And without thinking about what was going on in the heads of those three grown ups, he went behind a tree and vanished discretely from their sight. His mother smiled and stuck innocently a grape in her mouth. Victor and his sister had nothing else to say. Behind the tree the following sounded, triumphantly:

"You know, mommy, when I came to Earth, I saw a blue lightening bolt. And then I was born from you, from daddy and from another mommy, because I knew you would understand me."



23. The wisdom of a tree

The party had ended. The children had all been taken away by their parents, and Mike and Roos had chosen to return through the woods. It was, in a matter of speaking, also shorter than the usual way. Roos lived a few kilometers from her brother. Mike, who always found it funny to go through the woods, went a little ahead and, once in a while, he'd hug a tree. Just like his little cousin, Mike had an intense bond with all what was nature. Suddenly, he halted, motionless.

A few meters from there, there was a birch with double stem. That meant, a ground stem where two stems had grown. One of those stems had been cut. People had cut the stem in slices, which were piled a little further. Mike was very sad. He immediately included his mother in his sadness. "Why do people do these things?" he wanted to know. Roos tried to formulate an answer but she couldn't think about anything. Mike went to the birch and placed his arms around the remaining stem. Roos had had many of those moments with her son and left him peacefully do what he wanted. All of a sudden he started the story of what was really happening. "The tree tells me that I shouldn't be sad" translated Mike, in human language. He tells me that, in truth, it's a good thing that that part was cut off. It seems that that part was already very ill and people had understood that and came to cut the ill part..." And once again, there was a little smile in his little face and when he went to the piece which was already sliced and observed some of them, he saw they were split and kind of going black inside. "Do you see, mommy, that the tree was really telling the truth?" Mike was triumphant. It had happened some times that he would go deeply into a conversation with some other tree, but his mom has always doubted of the truthfulness of these conversations. She had been clearly moved and pulled her child against her, giving him a strong embrace. "I'm sorry that in the past, sometimes, I have doubted your stories. They are always so incredibly fabulous that I was looking at things in the wrong way. I'm sorry!"...

Roos had tears in her eyes. For the second time in that day, she sat down with her white dress on the floor and it would seem that she was going to remain there for some time, seated.

Mike was enjoying each moment. Roos wiped with her sleeve the tears from her face and went on: "You must understand that to me it's not always easy to understand what goes on with you. You are only eight and, sometimes it's as if you were much older than I am. Sometimes you tell me things that makes me think... where does he get all that?" Mike was watching his mom for already quite some time without saying a single word. With his little hands, he caressed her face, gently. He went to sit next to her, with his back against the birch.

"From where I get these things, I really can't say. But all that I am telling you, I simply know it. When the math teacher at school gives us a new problem, I immediately know the result, but how I arrived at that result, I have no idea. The other boys in the class always have to follow the most complicated way, before they arrive at a result, but, to me, the answer is sometimes already there, even before the teacher has finished asking the question. Do you understand now why I don't really like to attend school that much? And not to speak about all those ridiculous rules that we are forced to comply to. Sometimes it's not bearable all what is expected from us, so that we could remain quiet, like living dead, who are pretending to be evolving. So much is seething in me that it doesn't allow me to remain bound to those idiotic little rules. I'm kind of bursting with all the luck that is growing inside me and with which I could flood the whole world, if people would simply listen to what I have to say. I have a kind of mission on this Earth which consists in letting everything grow what surrounds me. And to be very honest: with daddy that doesn't work very well. There's so much more I still have to tell you and my patience is constantly put to proof. But for everything there is the right moment. Of this I am certain. Therefore, I am confident. If you believe that everything has a reason. Nothing happens just to happen... It's not by chance that Victor is my cousin... and even less that his mom is his mom. I only wanted to ask you to be confident. It's not required for everything to have an explanation. Sometimes, it's enough for me to just be there, simply. Things can be simple... everything..." Here, Mike stopped for a moment. He pressed his back further against the birch as if the contact with the tree was motivating for what was about to follow... "In truth, we all do things according to a plan. A plan that comes from the universe. And we, here on Earth, the most physical region of this universe, it's as if we were at the bottom of the universe, as if it were a kind of tower. A tower with different levels. But all is interconnected, everything. The universe was born when God took the initiative to make an experiment. On Earth we have invented a name for that: evolution. We have, in fact all a kind of universe in miniature inside ourselves. What concerns the tower. Therein, none of its levels is superior or inferior to another. There is no up or down (high or low) and everywhere we can find the whole. The astral level is an intermediate level, between the physical level and the source. When we die, we definitely return to that level. Sometimes we arrive there while we are alive, thanks to a certain type of mental waves, or during sleep. On that level, there is still space but time has ceased to exist. At the level of the source, there is neither time nor space. There are no polarities. There is the place where energy exerts a mirror effect which reflects at other levels..."

Here, Mike went silent. Silence could be heard. He got up, took once again the tree in his arms and leaned, almost solemnly, his head against the stem. He remained like this for about a minute. There was a magic in the air. When he left go of the tree, he turned back to this mom and he was back being the little eight year old boy. "Come, mommy" he said. "Let's go, for daddy starts to get worried." Roos had no words. She simple limited herself to be there observing her child, who had on his forehead, from pressing it against the tree, right above the eyebrows, a kind of impression in the form of an eye. Slowly, she got back up again. Grabbed Mike's hand, took a deep breath and went on with their walk. The birch stayed there whispering in the wind, as if saying goodbye. It amazed him that Mike was the smaller of both.


24. He could be your son


Tony had the door knob in his hand but hesitated. He had learned the habit of, every night, before going to sleep, to give his son a hug. But that day there was something delaying him.

"You can come in, daddy" shouted Victor loudly; "you don't have to be afraid, there is no reason for that. Today I only got one little year older, nothing else."

Tony was surprised and opened the door softly. In truth, he just wanted to ask his son what he had wanted to say that afternoon, when he mentioned 'the other mommy', but Victor anticipated him.

"Do you really want to know the answer to your question?"

Tony was already used to these situations, but he always found that somewhat spooky. That telepathic talent of his little son had no doubt its good sides, but for a father that wasn't so evident to know that his son could see right through him. Tony nodded with his head.

"All right. For me there's no problem, but then we'll have to go get mommy. For she also has to agree..."

Mommy was summoned. And she didn't think that there was any kind of problem, to talk about what Victor wanted to say, when he was referring to his mommy and the other mommy... Victor had shaken his cushions and placed them behind him. Daddy and mommy had also put, both, a chair next to the little bed and were looking a bit like two children who had been called to the principal's office because of their inappropriate behavior. Victor had watched them in the eyes for a while and, all of a sudden, he knew exactly how to start.

"Daddy, when you look mommy in the eyes, can you tell me if those are the same eyes as, let us say, from a month or two ago?"

Tony didn't understand very well where Victor wanted to go with all that converstation and confirmed his question with a slight nodding of the head.

"Mommy, isn't it true that you, lately, were very impressed with the fact that you always could say who was on the other side of the line, when the phone rings? And that you always take the wash inside even before the first drops of rain stop falling from the sky... and that you, when daddy has a little of a headache, also feel that, even before he complains? Not to speak about the things that you sometimes tell about what the animals trust you? Or the fact that you have baked French fries, when I am thinking about them the whole day?..."

That last thing made Germaine smile. She looked Tony in the eyes, took his hand in hers and told him:

"He's right. Something has changed. I wanted to wait some more time, but now that Victor started talking about this, this afternoon, we could as well continue. And he also is very right when he claims that my eyes aren't the same than last month.. only.. in truth, it is someone else who is looking through them..."

There followed a great silence. Even Victor had lost his breath. Tony slowly removed his hand from Germaine's. Either was looking at Victor or at Germaine, as if he felt that something else was about to come. But nothing else came. Only silence... In fact, Tony didn't know very well what to think of that all. She used to talk regularly about those things; how she could travel outside the body; and Victor, at his turn, had slightly forced Tony's limits, but to think that his wife was no longer his wife... at least that was what he understood... for that there were no words, at least for now.

"So", started Tony carefully, but boldly, he grabbed once again Germaine's hand, "so.. if I understand well, you are the body of Germaine, but..."

"But the soul that occupies that body is another" Germaine finished his sentence.

"Our souls, in a way of speaking, have signed one with the other a kind of contract. And you can be certain that this hasn't happened from one night to the other. Everything was planned very carefully. My soul has followed you all this time, if I can put it this way, with that person who used to be your wife, to make sure of all details and of what it could expect. And even though, there are countless things that astonish me, that haunt or scare me. Emotions, for example, with those I hadn't counted. It's something so present, here on Earth. It seems as if you all are addicted to it. In truth, I believe that that is the fact. I have the understanding to the possibility of the fact that you could tell me now that you'd like to give me a time. I would be very surprised if you did not, but think that both of us would benefit from the fact that things in this family are, in a way of speaking, perfect to face such a situation in such a short term. We have a son who is more adult than both of us; have both an envying awareness of the rest of the world and.. and here I can only talk about myself, but I feel that we all three leave a lot from the heart."

Victor looked at his mom with pride. It seemed as she had prepared that all somehow. And, in fact, it had really been that way. The last few days she had thought about saying something, but never seemed to be the right moment. However, that wouldn't mean that she didn't have thought about that for quite sometime... how would she, without causing much damage, provide all that information to her husband?

Victor had laid his little hands on those of his parents; he opened his heart in a way so typical of him and had sent a mega charge of energy to those two adults next to the bed. Tony felt suddenly very warm and started taking off his t-shirt, and even got up so that he could have some more space. As soon as he recovered from that enormous discharge of energy, he rapidly started formulating a new question. "That contract you talked about... I mean... between those two souls... what does that mean, anyway?"

Germaine extended invitingly her hands towards Tony and removed him, without much effort, from his chair.

"A soul normally concludes one task in this lifetime; when a person dies. However, in some lives, the soul ends its task much earlier. In the majority of cases, in a transcendental entrance, there is a compromise between two souls at the ethereal level. In some cases, this happens even before the soul is born in a body. There is always a compromise between the two during this deliverance. It's simply another way to come to this planet."

"You have talked about compromises, but can you still remember those at this moment?"

"It's difficult to answer that in a clear way, because it's not all so simple like one and one being one... but I can try.

I entered this terrestrial adventure with all my memory. In the majority of the transcendental entrances, this is not the case. They feel, as a consequence, very strange. They don't know or recognize anyone. It's as if you made an emergency landing with a plane in a kind of nobody's land, where no one knows your language. And you also don't have any notion of their language and habits. You feel like some sort of fish outside the water. There isn't any experience you can compare to this, nothing familiar to you.

"However, that was not the case with you?..."

"Precisely; but that doesn't mean that for all this a good deal of adaptation capacity isn't necessary. I can imagine, for example, that you, as a child, had already a certain attraction for planes and towards the career of pilot. Like others dream of a career as doctors or nurses..."

Tony found that all very interesting. Mainly because Germaine was usually making comparisons with something where he would see himself at 100%. In other words: flying.

"To be honest, I started having interest in planes and everything what was related to them when, as a child, I started reading the books of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. ‘Vol de Nuit’ and ‘Courrier Sud’. The way how that mad described the life of a pilot, influenced many children to go later to that profession. And I, not very long ago, have read something on the Internet about a German, who in July of 1944 had shot down, in the vicinity of Toulon, Saint Exupéry's recognition airplane. His name I don't recall, but I have also read that it was the brother of Ivan Rebrov, who, at that time had also become a pilot after reading Saint Exupéry's books."

At that moment, it seemed as if Tony's mind was filled with courage. Everything that had to do with flying made him thrill, like nothing could compare and he couldn't hide that and had trouble facing such kind of events.

"Imagine! Someone who has become a pilot because of Saint Exupéry's books, and shot down the man in times of war.

As if it had been predestined!"

Tony looked somewhat helpless at Germaine and Victor, as if such could have also taken place with him. The two were sitting smiling in a somehow suspiciously manner and that, due to the circumstances, wasn't making things easier for him. "Or do you think that that could have something to do with chance?"

"Could well be" said Germaine and Victor in choir. After a break to breathe, Germaine continued:

"His most important work 'The Little Prince' had been finished and, meanwhile, translated in an countless number of languages. Probably, that was what happened. His task had ended. And the fact that precisely someone, had devoured the other little Saint Exupéry's books, had allowed the spiritual father of the Little Prince to return to the other side; that, in my way of viewing things, is a karmic continuation of events which, clearly, were agreed among souls. Just as 2000 years ago, also Judas was required to help to put an end to that messenger of good tidings. Everything has to do with everything. And meanwhile, as long as humankind doesn't have the awareness of the unity of things, they'll keep ruining everything as they have done to date. They'll keep discarding themselves from the responsibilities and will continue to look for a responsible for everything. But they have forgotten to assume their own responsibilities in this rotating square circus."

Tony laid his head on his hands and tried to understand things the best way possible. Everything was turning around in his head, as if he had made 33 consecutive somersaults. In truth, he wanted to say something in order to be able to feel some ground under his feet. He breathed in and out twice, short but intensely and said, reassured: "now I've earned a beer!"

25. In search of a piano tuner...


Tony was hurrying down. A drink would do him good. He took two at a time from the fridge and opened both. For a moment, he halted before a picture of Germaine, from the time they weren't still married. She hadn't changed a bit. In his thoughts some remembrances of the past. He still remembered very well how they had explained to him all that had happened. In a certain way, he could be envied. For, let's be honest, in any other family on the planet, they'd be at this time trying to understand  how the lady, wife and mother of the family had become a kind of puppet wher someone else had stuck his hand. He thought that to be a respectable way of putting things, but then, everything has been said. He drank a good swallow from the bottle. And how would the story regarding the memory of the two Germaines be? For Germaine n°1 had told him that a person has different memories. One that she called the cellular memory. Therefore, if Germaine n°2 was still watching everything through Germaine n°1's eyes, she would, logically, still have access tot he cellular memory of the predecessor. Tony was amazed of himself; how he had been able to on his own, arrive to such a conclusion. He ran up the stairs, opened the door with one push and said:

"Something just occurred to me. When you descended in this body which is new to you...let's say... my wife left behind, in that body, a kind of memory bank. What I want know is really whether that cellular memory she had talked about could still be functional at this moment?"

"I'm afraid that that's the case" answered Germaine. "The cellular memory is still, in fact, in this body. And there are also the good and the bad things. Also what she hasn't been able to finish and the negative patterns. I'd also like to add that I still have my own things to take care of...

At least, you can say that it is an interesting challenge and that you have to pay attention to everything in duplicate. But things are just that way. I suspect that, when you started that training as pilot, you also have landed in the most inhospitable reality which, in fact, had little to do with your dreams as a child, where everything had started. But you endured..."

"Lately, Victor talked about this; that he had been taken to one of his ships. To me that is something completely from another world; but I suspect that for you that isn't so strange?!"

"He was referring then to one of the twelve mother-ship. And those have all different functions. Planetary, emotional, psychological, experimental, active in the people... and there are still other functions."

"Do you still have that what is called the control organ; a kind of government, I mean?"

"Yes, we do. The Galactic Federation. And all our ships are under the jurisdiction of this federation. But also planet Earth is part of this federation, although you are not aware of this. What do you think that Victor does twice a week when he is taken? But, pay attention; at this moment, he isn't a child anymore, but an old wise soul. Think about that; what the Earth in its whole signifies. The Earth was designed to make things move - a kind of trampoline- for the inter-dimensional realities. In this way, this planet lies perfectly in the universe. Planet Earth is what I can call a total planet. Like a kind of living library. Through the Earth, we have access to other worlds. There are beings who come here to be swirled into wormholes and thrown into other places. This here is a unique place in the whole universe."

"Through the Earth you have access to other worlds..." kept Tony repeating, as if had questions on the subject.. And it was then that Victor came to his help.

"Daddy, try to think about a piano; that thing with a lot of white and black keys. Each time you press one of those keys, you hear a sound... a tone... but if you look at the strings, you notice that they vibrate. On the string you can see what you hear in your ear. A vibration... a frequency. And each key is connected to a different string, which vibrates always at its frequency. Therefore, when you wish to hear a certain tone, like a skilled pianist, you'll know precisely, which key you'll need to press. And now, pay attention.. you can compare each of the keys with another dimension which, therefore, corresponds with a typical frequency. Like an accomplished pianist, we, the new children, are in state of, without any problem, to go from one frequency to the other. We know precisely which key we have to press. Surely that this to someone who... is not a pianist, is a little difficult to understand; that, by plucking a string, we could go to another dimension. And that is the reason why the Earth is so important to us. For us, this planet Earth "is nothing else than a piano"... however, this instrument has to urgently be tuned, so that when someone presses a key, it could produce harmonious sounds.. in fact, this is something we know from long ago; for, where do you think the expression: to touch someone deeply, originated? What happens in that occasion? Someone brings that other person in another tone, frequency, by pressing a certain tone, well chosen in advance.. and this kind of pianists are over there; many on this planet.

Nevertheless, this are not always in harmony...

Meanwhile, Tony had drunk his first beer with no rush; he sat on the floor, near the chair.

"Therefore... the fact you are a skilled pianist, gives you the confidence to, just like that, talk to anyone whoever that is, who for us... I mean, for me, for example.. is totally invisible.. or that your mother has those talents you have mentioned a while ago."

Victor understood that the conversation was getting much serious than it appeared to be in the beginning. His daddy was, in reality his daddy, and with him he had played a fair game. But now, he had the impression that all what was taking place with his family right now, was nothing else than some general repetition for the moments that he would later have to give an explanation to another crowd. A crowd that would offer a much stronger resistance than his daddy had offered. That would mean that simplifying things was very important, what concerns what people may get to know; for they were part of their real world.

"I believe that I can explain this very easily. By your experience as a pilot, you have learned how an on board computer functions. You naturally don't know how the thing works, but I presume that it is possible, in one of those computers, to store programs which allow the plane to do certain things. Among others, to detect other planes which might be in the surrounding space. And I presume that the pilot has access to all those programs, for he possesses all the needed keys, codes and passwords. Because, if that were not the case, then the plane, most probably, would only fly straight ahead. To be sure that you understand this, I'm going to say it in a simpler way. Imagine that someone had here at home a normal computer. A computer like all the others. In your hard disk you have stored 12 programs. But it seems that on your working space, you only have put two icons which enables you to open just two of the 12 programs. And something similar happens with all that information on your hard disk; you don't have, at least for now, access to it. For there are only, unfortunately, two shortcuts. People on this planet have twelve DNA chains. These correspond with the twelve programs in you computer to which I am referring. But of those twelve chains, only two seem to be active. Which is restricting much your possibilities of your personal computer. You can't for example, access the Internet, what hampers you from communicating with whoever you want to in the whole world. We, the children of the new age, don't have those hindrances of having only two active DNA chains. That means that we can talk without any problems with the entities who have left, or with angels, or with animals, or with trees... for our computer, not only has the programs for such tasks, as we also have the right icons which give us direct access to the program, which allows us, for example, to communicate telepathically".

Tony had remained with his mouth wide open, while listening to his little child. Himself, he was so concentrated that he hadn't notice how Germaine had taken from his hand the second beer and was herself satisfying her thirst.

"Therefore" said Tony, to make sure he had understood everything, ''therefore... common people from this planet are all piloting a plane without radar!"

"Precisely" said Victor "and that's why they... so often collide".

26. ‘Avatar’ or the story of the lost message

Roos and Germaine were waving, together with some other happy young ladies, to their respective sons, at the school entrance. It was clear that each mother found their own child the most beautiful. Germaine was observing them and in her lips a large smile was drawn. That was due to the fact that, beyond the shining faces, she could also see the aura's of those ladies. Roos, could hardly part from Mike, even if at that moment he had already disappeared behind the little school gate.

"Should we go together to get some coffee?" asked Germaine with a certain conviction in her voice.

"I was just about to propose the same", said Roos, while she was studying which would be the best place to head to.

Just about two hundred meters far from there, there was this happy terrace waiting for them. They all sat next to each other, so they could enjoy the morning sun. Coffee was ordered and brought and for a while there was silence. Germaine was looking with big eyes to her sister-in-law but didn't say a single word. Roos was a little nervous, for she felt that Germaine was looking at her for some reason and after a big sigh, she confided.

"I really don't know what's the best way to start, for I have many things to say. First of all, Micky. There are so many things that come to my head about that child, that I don't recall everything. Besides his father not being the least interested in the stories Micky always has to tell, for I feel that the two are growing apart, somehow. It even seems as Fred avoids the stories less probable to leave me alone with the child, and disappears. Don't ask me where, but he tells me he goes for a walk, for he needs to rest his head, to try to understand things... and more of that sort of excuses.

Roos here kept quiet for a moment, hoping that Germaine would help her, but she was even more staring with those eyes. Meanwhile, Roos, was trying to take the cookie out of the package, but she was so nervous that the cookie was reduced to a pile of crumbles that fell on her lap. Roos started laughing wildly; placed her hand on Germaine's hand, squeezing it slightly and, with a very appeasing voice, made a declaration which she knew was the right time to make.

"I'd like to tell you a little story, which you'll probably find little credible, but, anyway, I will take the risk. I have, by way of speaking, all the confidence that the information which arrives to me in the last days, will help you to understand my story better... Approximately two centuries ago, there lived in the South of France, a small family. A man, a woman and an adorable child. The man had, one way or the other, an affinity to the wisdom of the Cathars, which, in its turn, there in the neighborhood, had had a sad and well known end.

He decided to travel through the region with a carriage pulled by a horse, with the purpose to bring a little awareness to the people. All in the same context that the Cathars had proclaimed. Therefore, he usually stayed a few weeks out of his home. His wife suffered from a very difficult to treat illness of the lungs and constantly needed help. She had to keep warm at all times but, one day, during one of his husband's trips, in his, as he used to say, mission, she was forced to go to a stable, during a storm, in order to get wood. Notwithstanding her little daughter's recommendations, who had asked her to wait until the horrible storm had subsided. In summary, when the man returned from his mission was just in time to say goodbye. After the funeral, the man was left alone with her wretched daughter and the most horrible remorse. He would never forgive himself for having left her wife for such a long time and, besides that, his life was nothing else than a terrible sadness. One day, he left again in his carriage. His daughter sitting next to him. Both would have to take care of each other but without any hope in the future. For the man it all seemed too much. With a strong lash of his whip, he forced the horses to throttle, guiding them in a mad run towards the border of a cliff. A little later, the carriage with the horses, the man and the little girl had fallen some thirty meters down, to the bottom of the cliff. A dive none had survived."

Germaine made a little pause. Roos was holding her breath, for she knew unconsciously that the story had not yet ended. And in fact it hadn't. Germaine continued...

"I propose that you one of these days go talk to Fred; but I can tell you already that he has spoken the truth: he is trying at this moment to understand things. There is already one thing that I can tell you. In a past life, Fred was the man I talked about. His wife and his little daughter from that age, incarnated once again and they are now, despite not recognizing each other, with the people with whom they used to be; the three have something to take care among themselves. That means that the solution of this karmic data is something that has to be searched by all three. And when you would mingle with this, it would make things even more complicated. Don't worry; your relationship won't suffer with that. You only have to give him some time."

"And that to me has to suffice, I presume?"

"To you that has to be enough. What concerns Fred; I feel that, once your husband is not always present and segregates himself a bit in respect to Micky, I suggest that you search for an escape valve; what concerns with the mysteries with which Micky is always confronted. Therefore: if you have the need to talk... go ahead!"

Roos hesitated somehow; she wiped the last crumbles off her lap. Knocked the coffee cup a bit in a clumsy way and dragged her chair to the end of the table, so that the two were now sitting right in front of each other.

"Naturally that I don't know how it goes with Victor, but the school is for Mike a disaster. Did you know that he even is able to make himself sick. I mean, really sick; with fever, nausea and vomiting. Really sick. And then we call the doctor and he lets him stay a couple of days at home without having to attend school. That way we have a doctor's attest for school... but once the doctor exits, and Mike is aware that he's been freed from the martyrdom of school for some days, he immediately gets better. His fever disappears and about half an hour later he is already asking for a sandwich which he eats with much appetite."

Germaine was enjoying the account. She was happy to mean something to Roos and not just sit there listening to her. Roos opened her purse and grabbed from a little letter, which she had ripped off a notebook. In that letter, there were some loose words she had put on paper. It was clear that she had waited for that conversation with Germaine and in that context had noted some things, so that she could talk about them.

"The electricity.. What did this mean?... Ah, yes! All right. When I am in the kitchen and Micky comes close to me, it happens that, sometimes, the electric appliances start to act funny. Or when I am using the computer, and the Internet goes off, and in some cases, my computer starts acting very oddly. When Fred and I are having a more serious discussion, that Micky approaches, the lamps start turning off and on; as if there were power failures, or too much power in the wiring... And what else was there?.."

Roos, unfolded her little paper once again and searched for the next item.

"The school bus.. what sadness.. reading a book... Exactly! Those are just two things he had told me one day when he returned from school in the school bus. He was sitting next to a boy from another class who he didn't know yet. All of a sudden, and so he told me, he had felt as if that boy had a great sadness. He told me that if was as if the boy was about to get out of this life. Happily, that Micky had sat next to him; and that he had captured those hidden emotions; for he started, in a laid back way to talk with the little boy and, what appeared? His neighbor had just the same qualities and talents as Micky; but he wasn't able to talt about those things with whoever it was.

This way, the problem had been solved and from that moment on, the became very good friends. The little boy comes to the house, once inn a while and I notice that he has evolved a great deal in the last weeks... and what was the other thing?... to read a book. That was something else which happened in the school bus. One day he was sitting, reading a book in the bus. Behind him there was a little girl hanging on the back of the seat and she was also reading the book. Sometime later, Micky closed the book and asked the girl to stop doing that, for she was bothering him. And do you know what the girl told him? But I am doing nothing. I am simply reading in silence with you... do you understand? Micky had, once again, captured the thoughts of that child.. those are not normal things!"

At that time, Germaine broke in.

"What you find not normal is very debatable. For that which you don't think as normal, could be to me the most natural thing in the world. Why do you think I proposed we'd go for coffee together, the two of us? Not because of the coffee, but..."

"Because you can read my thoughts? What a thing... I always have to be careful with what I am thinking, when you or Micky are close by."

"I promise I will never take profit of that. Furthermore, lately, I have been able to isolate myself more from these things; therefore, don't you worry. But the fact is that many children have this capacity of telepathy and that they don't know how to cope well with that. And I can tell you that there are increasingly more... therefore.. In some time, this will be something which will be considered normal... You know I have the possibility of knowing when someone is lying to me? To those close to me and have a bad energy with them, I make in my thoughts a wall around me, to protect myself. Sometimes, I see things; animals and people who don't exist any longer. Not very long ago, I have visited someone and have noticed that there was a little beautiful yellow cat in the kitchen. I told the person 'what a beautiful yellow cat you have there...' Apparently, the animal had died some two weeks before, but it still hadn't left his owner... Or the opposite.. Once, I started to laugh wildly when an old man got off his bike and started walking through my kitchen. Some natural phenomena, like a violent storm with all the predicates, has upon me a greater influence than it has to a common person. And everything gets even more intense when the Moon is full. Can you imagine a little what it means for us to have to cope with the limiting, linear, hypocritical, deceiving, selfish and aggressive behavior of people who approach us? Colors and tastes are to us so much more than what meets the eye. I enjoy the regular company of angels, guides, orbs.. entities.. and feel their energy and, most of the times we even work together. I am constantly seeing orbs. Also above my bed, where I sometimes see a blueish cloud. When I wake up in the morning have often the idea of having traveled the whole night.. and that is usually the truth. I know that to you and to many other people, this may sound a bit strange and little probable... But to me, these are normal things.. And, getting back to the school adventures of as well as Micky as Victor.. school is a very difficult time for these children; not only for the fact that they little of nothing can learn -the subjects rapidly lose interest- and also not because of all that sadness and the negativity they process from the other children and from the teachers, but also because they have an issue with authority. Authority only functions when it is towards someone they respect; but what they love to do and of what they like to talk about, that all isn't available for the teachers and we don't even talk about the classmates... What concerns the new children, we ought to pay attention for the fact that they function as a kind of antenna. A kind of sponge which soaks up all emotions from the surroundings. They also catch other people's emotions and, in the worst cases, of a whole theater room; in summary, they catch everything which torments people from any place where people are assembled. And the biggest problem is that these children don't always know what they are catching in their antennas and they also catch, in a way of speaking, all the bad things from others. After some time, they start understanding, for they suddenly get upset or disappointed or sad, with no apparent reason. Once they understand that it's not actually their problem, but that of other people, they can start processing and dumping that kind of garbage with which they nothing can do."

"If I understand well, that also means that we, in the presence of our children, always have to tell the truth.. for a lie is something they easily catch, i presume... But, I'm sorry for interrupting you... please, continue!"

Roos completely related to that story. Unconsciously, she had already understood everything, but the things she understood were still not in their right places... in a way of speaking... and, in order to do that, the figure of Germaine was of an indescribable value. The continuation of such bombardment of emotions could be summarized in three points. The children could completely shut down from the attacks from the exterior and would start acting like autistic children; or they would process the pressure which accumulates in them, so that they would become hyperactive and, in this way, would use up all those unwanted energies. The third possibility was the paralysis of all the emotions by means of drugs. It's not nice to say this, but in that case, the grown ups, in our case we, the parents, have a great responsibility. Rilatin is and continues to be a very currently prescribed drug which, on the long run, has deleterious effects for the child in general and in particular for his special talents. But it also should be pointed that, to the parents and the teaching staff, this seems to be the most elegant solution. For, that way, they can do with the children whatever they wish to. A kind of no one's land where the child, without any resistance, will do that what people expect of him/her. But which parent, with a little discerning awareness, will this solution to his children? I, in any case, not... The medicine like Rilatin don't have to solve the problem. We appeal here to the society to change its course, to a way of living where, to start with, one listens to the signs that we receive from our children. And it's imperative to think about another kind of education and about another teaching system which is not directed to the performing and the learning. For it is through playing that we can make the soul evolve.. And I can assure you that Rilatin does precisely the opposite. Therefore, it is not surprising that children, after watching the movie Avatar, and by keeping shocking with the incomprehension of parents and teachers, have suicidal tendencies. For them it is not easy to function in this society, but if we, as parents and those who consider themselves educators, don't pay attention to their message with which they have arrived and which has clearly been realized in a movie like the Avatar, then this children will wish to return home.. as they normally call it. For there they won't be captive in a body which is too tighten and there exists harmony everywhere... and there are no boring egos who use the children for their own glory. When in reality it ought to be the other way around."

Roos was sitting in her chair like some statue. Her mouth was a little open and, once in a while she'd blink her eyes, to make sure she wasn't dreaming. In her sister-in-law she had an ally like she had never seen before. Germaine, who she had always known, had become, perhaps more consciously, a more open mind, filled with love and a little strange; for it seemed as if she had become somebody else. Due to her openness at that moment, Germaine had caught Roos' thoughts, but decided not to tell her about that. The time would arrive for that.

"It's not easy to educate children and at the same time to learn with them; but it's a fascinating experience. Your own convictions about reality are at this moment upside down. This way you'll continue to grow with your child.

Notwithstanding his interior light, he needs you to find his way in the day to day tangible life; or, as they say their "experience" in the "solid matter". Each one of their characters need a specific approach, more or less severe and within certain limitations. I am convinced that there are many children like Michael and Victor. They are simply awaiting for an opportunity to trust a more open environment, so that, that way, they may keep their connection with the light. It's up to us to provide them that more open environment...

Taking into attention their young age, it's very clear that Mickey's statements encompass a wisdom which can't be adapted to that of their age and with a knowledge that isn't of this world.

Further more, as well as him as Victor, have brought that knowledge and wisdom as new age children to make known to the world, as it seems -like Victor says- his mission on this life"...


27. Michael had the top score

Suddenly, things started to happen fast. After some days, for example, Roos was called to school because the teacher wanted to talk about the dear child that, as a matter of speaking, appeared to have a sharp vision of the world. At least by judging from the composition he had written. During the class, the teacher had spoken about the phenomenon of the 'parables' and had read some, as an illustration. The parable of the sower and that of the five mad men and of the five foolish virgins had awaken in the boy a number of comments. It didn't take much effort until that he invented himself a parable, which had left the teacher baffled. After some generalizations with respect to the special talents of Michael, the teacher started reading the composition:

The Parable of the baker of the hear...

"Once upon a time there was a baker of whom it was said that he could bake a cake that those who would eat of it would never be ill again and that, instantly would provide that person with a good mood for the whole year. He had inherited the recipe from his father, whose name was Jefke, and who also had been a baker himself. His father, in turn, had inherited the recipe also from his father.

In summary: the recipe seemed to be secular and would have had its origin in the first of all bakers who ever have put foot on Earth. It was a kind of time when, in our planet, there was still no mention of illnesses. A fine day, Jefke's son had gone to hang pamphlets throughout the whole village, where it was mentioned the day when he would provide every villager the recipe of his amazing cake. And so it happened.

Not only in that village as well as in the surrounding villages and also in the capital of the country, people had come to see how they could manage not to ever be ill again and to be in a good mood for the whole year.

On that day, Jefke's son had taken a long walk in the woods and through the fields, to calm down, as preparation to the great happening. He had also brought all sorts of spices, flowers and seeds from the forest, and had, repeatedly, asked the trees and the plants, for their permission to harvest and to take with him those spices, flowers and plants. He had also thanked the plants, by touching them softly, as if caressing them.

That way of acting was required so that the spices, the flowers and the seeds could sort their healing effect in the effectiveness of the cake. At the end, everything was ready. He had spoken to the people in a soft manner, but everyone had been able to hear him, for it was possible to hear a butterfly fluttering. With much love and patience, he had explained how to reach the feat of preparing that wondrous cake. He had stressed that it was necessary to handle the ingredients with much sweetness, for, otherwise, the cake would't produce any effect.

Everybody had written with great effort all the details so that once home everything would end up on the Internet, so that the whole world would know how to act with things, to not ever become sick and to always be in a good mood.

And the people were so committed to share such message of joy that there was no time left to bake a cake for themselves. Some would print the recipe and would sell it on the market square, right in front of the church. Other were so delighted with the generous attitude of Jefke's son that had placed a picture of him on the fireplace. It was a beautiful picture; he was smiling and would make some dimples in his cheeks. He had one had at the height of his shirt's pocket as if saying that it all was coming from the heart. Some people would even buy flowers on the market to garnish his picture. Others would even light candles next to his picture, in gratitude that Jefke's son had given them the ancient recipe of the magic cake. So many books have been published about the famous recipe that it was necessary cut down whole forests so have enough wood to produce all the paper for the books. In all that bustle, people weren't even aware that they could not gather the required spices, flowers and seeds, as also, if they would keep up that way, they would never be able to bake such a cake, for, in all that fever, many forests had been destroyed and many little flowers trampled, so that just a couple of people were able to gather the required to actually put one of those wonderful cakes in the oven.

Another baker in the village watched brooding how the popularity of Jefke's son was growing and, together with other bakers from neighboring villages, he devised a way to put a halt to that situation. Finally, they didn't find a better solution than, together, surprise Jefke's son in the bakery and beat him badly leaving him seriously wounded to die.

In that same day, the lifeless body of Jefke's son was found. The police came as the photographers, the reporters of the press who, with great skill and for much money, sold the rare photographs on the market place, in front of the church.

Those photographs would end on the fireplaces of the people who, once, there was the picture of the smiling boy with dimples in his cheeks. But now, the people felt honored to have in the place a picture of the beaten and broken body who they would garnish with a bouquet of flowers. They wouldn't be happy to see such picture, but Jefke's son had given his life for a good cause.

Some people would put the recipe of the cake next to the picture, as if it were a kind of relic... nevertheless, after some years, few were the ones who still knew how to follow the recipe. The recipe had as purpose to free the whole humankind of illness and to offer happiness. Happiness... from here to the end of the universe. 

But don't feel sad, for a few months later, the wife of Jefke's son had given birth to a child who, soon, and without any instructions from whoever, would bake cookies in the sand box on the back of the house. Cookies which he would garnish with flowers, or with grains which, as if they were little decoration balls, and with great care, would spread on his sand cookies..."

For some instances there was silence in the little class room, almost empty. The teacher had put down on the table the papers, removed her glasses from the tip of her nose, placing them in its case. Roos was trying to find another wise comment to say, but, after such message from her son's hand, she was embarrassed to not give the established silence a chance. Her heart was filled of a feeling of such pride. The teacher was the first to take of the word. "I believe that something ought to be done", she said, carefully. "If such a child, with such an inspiration, is to expose the Catholic belief that way, it can only be that his inspiration for that has been given by supernatural forces.. if you understand what I want to say." Roos had understood perfectly. She was even very happy with that reaction from the teacher. That had spared her from giving any explanation with respect to Michael and to his little cousin, Victor, for he also had his skills.

The teacher continued with her verbal reasoning...:"very frankly, this child has awaken something in me, with which I have been struggling for some time, when I was his age and learned how to hide things, under influence of my education. I am very thankful to have such a child in my class. He has awaken me once again. In case you have nothing against, I would like to share the "parable" with other teachers. Not with all of them, I believe, for not all people think as I do... Some time ago, he has approached me on the playground and had proposed to give me a big hug. When I tried to make myself little and did put his little arms around me, he told me, whispering in my ear: "everything will be all right; you just have to make the right choice..."

This was, in a way of speaking, one of the few moments when Michael, during the break, didn't go up the tree."

"His tree?" echoed Roos with some insistence.

"Yes... generally, during the fifteen minute break, we can find him on one of the trees around the playground. He has chosen one which is placed the furthest from the children. It's perfectly safe and he asked permission for that. In the beginning I didn't immediately make the connection, but I have been observing once in a while and he appears to have created more than an affection bond with that creature.

Meanwhile, I had understood that his sensibility would act in different ways, for it appeared to avoid or channel the stimuli he receives from other children through his tree.

I know exactly of what I am talking. When I was a child, at school, I always felt as I was a naked baby on a field of cacti. I am afraid that to some of these children it may even be more painful. I would say, using another illustration... I feel there exists a countless number of Phoenixes being reborn from the ashes; however, in their escape, sometimes troubled, they crash on the mud of our world. I believe our task is to spare them of such a desolate future. I believe we have concentrate in something... what it really is, I am not certain yet, but, in case you have ideas, please let them come!



28. Ater Tumti, or, in other words: Roma Amor!

For Germaine a few days had elapsed without any relevant occurrences and Tony had been gone for a week. He had a number of long flights programmed and that would mean that he'd stay regularly in the most diverse places on this Earth. There was a number of night flights, which would mean that he would need to be left in peace when he got back; that being translated in an euphemistic way. Germaine had used the occasion to prepare something for the speech she intended to make in schools, with the intention of 'awakening' some thing or the other, in case they weren't too busy memorizing things. To her, all that was very easy, and when she would start a talk with Victor, they would understand each other perfectly; but now she had to take into attention the fact that those who were coming to listen to her could be completely ignorant in the subject and, most probably, would be very critical and filled with cynical comments. She would have to grab their attention with something which would be of the general interest. Certainly not to just talk for talking, but to present scientifically demonstrated facts and considerations. If we intended to place a child on a table, so that it would get to our height, then we ought first to bow to the same level as the child in order to grab him/her..

She sat in front of the computer, opened YouTube and typed at without looking, three letters at random on the keyboard... M. A . T... and "enter"!

First thing she found was: Matias de Stefano: the Indigo revolution. But that was just one of the interviews that boy had given in the last years. Other videos where Matias appeared, had as subtitle: "Ater Tumti" (the heaven on Earth), "Roma Amor", "Total recall by Indigo Matias Stefano", "Hablando de todo", "vivir en el universo", ... and "Harwitum"...

Germaine knew she was on the good path. Even if Matias talked, generally, in Spanish, she understood that something would be announced in a way she'd completely understand. And that is just what happened. She had written the whole name of Matias de Stefano and "Dutch" and... talking about "enter", a page appeared where there was something of the boy in Dutch. "". It could have been worse. For to what it seemed, on that page, a certain Cassandra had had the great courage to translate everything about Ater Tumti to Dutch. Thank you, Cassandra! Because Germaine's interest in schools and considering the term "indigo", she was enjoying some popularity; the explanation of Matias seemed like the perfect solution to start an introduction to the new children. What could he tell about the "indigo", with any scientific content and, at the same time, accessible to the average ear of those people...

Matias talked that... "if a level of energy on our planet changes, that will make it vibrate in another way. And.. if the vibration changes, that also will change the correspondent color. For to each frequency there is a correspondent color. With music the same happens. There are children who, when listening to music, also see colors. But we are talking at the level of vibration of our planet. That is responsible that different colors appear, depending on the "warmth" that the respective vibration causes. And all souls who in that moment incarnate on Earth, will have to adapt to that color. The color of our Earth is, therefore and no: indigo.

Nowadays all people know the indigo children, but the indigo children aren't a group of souls who have come to our planet dressed in indigo, or who belong to a certain spiritual level. They are simply souls who, during this period, have come to Earth to work on it.

In order to be able to be born on Earth, they would have to be indigo in color, in order to adapt to carry on their influence on the Earth's vibrations. And, therefore, it is important to demystify all stories about these special children up there in countless publications, about the fact that only a group of the new children being indigo. It's not about the children, but the Earth which vibrates in the indigo color. And what does that mean, the indigo color? It's the color of the third vision. That color is related with the transmutation of the souls who have come to carry their influence in the most appropriate way to each one of them. If their context is of an aggressive character, they create changes mediated by aggressiveness and by innovating ideas at the family level. They could manage all that through sexuality, politics, vandalism, art, detachment and fraternity, but also through pure or obsessive love. They will change everything, for that is their mission, change things to change the context as required.

They also change the vision on everything that exists; they transform that vision, create ideas. Therefore, they work at those levels; creativity and idealism and the change them. Therefore, everyone who is born on Earth starts the change. Those changes happen in the most different ways, through aggressiveness, conflicts among populations, radical changes, violent of serene. Through the action and the passivity, both are very useful for the universe. These vibration makes everything that comes to the planet Earth vibrate along.

Each soul who has come to Earth when the Iron Curtain was opened in the 80's, have become an indigo. This means that each tree, stone, animal and person who were born after 1980 is already an indigo. It's a very special group. The "group" who is considered as special is maintained dependent of the level of vibration that acquires when he they come to Earth, not because these children are indigo, but because of the capacity they possess at that level; that is the fact which makes each human being unique. That is the reason why some indigo are fighters, others artist, other are completely peaceful and others deny everything. For example, it's not necessary they are believers in God or to talk about the universe, only being indigo. Indigo is a changing vibration; an indigo can change the economy or the politics without being a believer in God. Therefore, it doesn't have to do with spirituality, but with vibration. The classification of the souls has everything to do with the vibration and their number depends on his type of vision. They gather everything what they want to accomplish in this world, but the only thing they are dependent of are that the grown ups shouldn't worry so much with their well being and with their education. The best thing to do with these children is to forget about them and to start listening to them. Crystal children, in opposition to the indigo, are creatures who go back to the Christian levels... they are the hundred thousand little Christs who have come to accomplish their mission of unconditional Love. That is the generation who have arrived after the year 2000. The souls who are more spiritual are the Crystal Children; they have come as a group of Avatars, as they are called nowadays.

This is the group of souls who have come to work in spiritual harmony. This means, a spirituality which has nothing to do with God and the angels, but with the harmony of communities and of the people who belong to them.

The problem of our society is that we don't know what to do with these indigo children. We close them in schools, let them destroy the world? What could the adults do with these indigo children and what should the indigo children do with the adults?

The indigo children have come to change what they can change and they have started from the beginning, where we see little action. What for them is passivity, is stopping the flow, the movement is still ongoing ; this means to be the opposite of what one would expect from an indigo revolution. The idea of creating something new is not the first reaction of an indigo. The first reaction is to sit down and do nothing which maintains the old system in function. Therefore, to create a lesson or a living for the indigo is very difficult. That is not something the adults are about to accept in the next twenty years. When people start to see that each type of education system they try -no matter which one- will fail, for the indigo aren't here to stay, then the vibration will change; and that is the goal.

Therefore, the best way to act is to let them execute their creativity in the change, the best way we can. The message is be flexible; flexible with their generation, with their creations and with their work on planet Earth. In order to realize that, it's necessary to remove the education system as we know, from its throne, which is based in memorizing, competition, abuse of authority, lack of creativity and imagination. The new system which ought to be based in emotions, by what one learns through experimentation and discovery. That is the best adaptation to the vibration of an indigo, for it doesn't possess any system directly regulating the learning process of an individual. It concerns a vast system which accepts all types of systems, old, new and future. It provides a broadening of the vision on education which goes beyond the teaching. It's directed too the integration of Man, from his birth to his death. It allows a chance for all pedagogic systems to work together and to discuss, not what concerns the building of another school, building, but to create a new way of learning. It goes further than what each one of us will be able to perform in this system. That is the reason why we, indigo and crystals, appeared: to learn and to help others learn and nothing else. And what do we learn from the ecosystems? With visit to a forest or with a picture on a book?  What do we learn about using our body? To dance and play or with a school book with difficult words? How do we learn a language? Write and read and communicate with ourselves and with a group. How do we learn the theorem of Pythagoras? Learn the formula by heart or do as Pythagoras has done? We know that the Earth turns around the Sun; but have we ever looked at the sky to try to understand why? And, therefore, to learn, happens with practicing, not in theory. Theory is only useful to the understanding of one part. There are particularities which we can use to work with an indigo child: to accompany them in the achievement of their mission; in all what they learn about learning matters, for example, things they have to do at home, in the school or in the community; they have to have an effective purpose. They shouldn't have to learn things without meaning; like the name of each bone in the body, each element in a cell or a difficult numeric series. We are creatures (indigo/crystal) coming from the 6th to the 13th dimension; in order to promote the 4th and the 5th in the 3rd, they close us in a classroom in order to perform numeric series in the 2nd dimension, when we are talking about things of the 5th dimension, then everything becomes difficult. Therefore, all what is taught to us has to have a practical utility in the daily life; for, in reality, that is our work, in which we all have to apply ourselves.

The world can be seen from the 4th dimension on; it is broad and round to all sides. That way, using a school board to pass on information is not the best way; the best way is to use the walls; that is a tool; all children write on walls. What they use the least is the school board. They also ought to learn that they shouldn't fear nature, the dark, the thunder or the wind... that will help them substantially in integrating things

The most important is clearly the parents and the teachers. They are the first who ought to change their vision; the first to break free from their ideas about society. That means that the parents ought to stop being parents. The parents out to start assisting. Assisting in life, not telling us what should be done and why. They ought to advise us on what we could do better, in truth, they ought to be our guides, our helpers. And the same happens with the teachers, who don't have to be someone to tell us what we ought to learn. A teacher ought to be someone who learns with us; a study companion. Someone with whom we can discuss and it doesn't matter how much we know about the subject; for there is always something new to discover.

And that ought to be learned in team..."

Germaine was distracted of her concentration by some soft knocking on the window behind her. Roos was there with a big smile; as if she were a child waving and jumping. When Germaine opened the front door in one clap, she was surrounded in a big and intense embrace. Roos pressed her cheek against that of here sister-in-law and whispered with excitement: I believe that it's not by chance that we are family. I believe we ought to put together our pieces of the puzzle.. we'll see what we get then. We have to work more in team. Today, by chance, I have added, an accomplice to our list. Michael's teacher is also working with us. Isn't that great? And you , what were you doing?



29. “Do you still remember, boy…”


Roos and Germaine had been together for a few minutes and there was already some magic in the air. It's those moments when we know that no expression is without purpose and that no word is too much; no emotion is to avoid, no thought is considered worthless.

Germaine took a bottle of water from the shelf and place two glasses on the table, filling them to the top...

"Imagine", she started.. "imagine there is an explanation to every big question of humanity, for everything which happens. An explanation which unites science with religion, so that everything can be explainable, physically and spiritually. Questions of the kind: How does the universe function? Is there good and evil? Do we really know everything about the human history? How did people appear? Is there a God? What is the soul? What does it mean, a year like 2012 for all of us and the universe? Who are the indigo children? Has there ever been an Atlantis? Where did we come from? Where are we heading to? What is the purpose of everything?

In summary: an adding up of basic concepts about our existence, how we appeared, how that context works, the truth and structure of the things we think we understand and about the big importance of some things we neglect in our lives.

Well, imagine that someone would start remembering how the universe was created. He starts remembering the people and the beings; starts remembering the missions and the purposes of the structure we call the universe..."

At that time, Germaine stopped for a moment. Roos had taken a sit without her awareness, grabbed her glas of water and held it about 1 cm from the table surface. No drop had been lost. Germaine also grabbed her glass with both hands and uttered a word of gratitude for everything which was taking place in her life. Also for that glass of water and for the friendship with Roos. Then she continued with her speech...

"On the Internet, we can, among other things, find a picture of Jacques Brel, which has been made of little pictures of Brel, or of moments he had spend in his life. All those little pictures make up "Grande Jacques" head in a kind of collage (a kind of mosaic). If one of those little pictures was removed, the whole thing would change. The same would happen if another picture was to be added. Let's consider that this collage consists of a visual library of the whole life of Jacques Brel, as we know him. But taking into account that, up to date, we are convinced that we have gone through a countless number of other lives, we'll easily understand that in each of those other lives there also exists such a collage. For a common mortal, it's not possible to just pass a couple of page of his photo book to the past, to get to know what had happened in past lives; things which perhaps would provide and explanation about other things and emotions or about fears which have expressed themselves in this lifetime. Well, I happen to have good news!

Since a few decades that few common mortals still exist. The new children, due to the fact that they are taking increasingly more advantage of the their DNA, have the meanings of passing the pages with increasingly better easiness. Some of them even do that with other people's albums and are able without any explanation or purpose, to say things which make the common mortals dumbfounded...

And the good news is that it's getting even much better. I have learned about a human being who is able to remember everything! Really everything. And that happens because, in a past life, he has worked at the Akasha Chronicles. What you could compare as a gigantic hard disk, where all photo albums with everything and everyone are kept...

This boy describes this library as being 'God's back bone' and in the Sayonic language it's called "Thamtiorgah".

"What does that mean?"... asked Roos...

"The origins of this language was in 9000 BC and it was conceived by priests who lived in what it's now the Egyptian coast, so that all people of all languages, cultures and religions would be able to understand each other in a free country. Because he recalls this language, it's for Matias much easier to remember things than to localize them in the present time. The history of the cosmos is certainly more extensive than 9000 years..."

"If that boy, Matias... remembers 'everything', then he also remembers why he has chosen to come to Earth."

"I believe he does. To summarize it in a single sentence: he wishes to explain a number of things in an easy way -among others, historical occurrences- and in this way to end the myths which are causing fear to men... A large number of children who are born nowadays, have the capacity to remember things, even not remembering everything, but the most general ones. They are able to remember their past lives and where they came from, from which star; why they were born, and so on... But he is able to remember the majority of things from history, from the cosmology.

"And what was again the name of God's backbone?"

"Akasha"... It's a word which has its origin in the Sanskrit and which means an existence where all situations and occurrences, emotions and actions of a being are kept. But also the history of the planet and of each living being.

In Akasha the purpose of life is being kept; the program of our destiny, according to the laws of karma and of our knowledge. And, in a past life, it was his mission to work with a large amount of information; that is why he doesn't require much effort to recall things. Many who start to remember at a young age, can develop autism, schizophrenia and may even die before they turn 13, he said. But because he was able to process all that information, he would get increasingly more, despite having started to suffer between ages 13 and 17. However, he has been able to control and to arrange all that."

"It's amazing how things are planned. The more I am aware of what happens around us, the more I start to believe in Mickey's words when he says that we have to trust, and also the more gratitude I feel for all those children who, at this moment, come to perform their work in conditions far from optimal..."

Roos believed what she was saying. She had sat in silence, looking at Germaine's computer screen and said, just out of the blue, the prophetic words: "If you must know, the functioning of the present technology, in general, and of the computer, in particular, will soon be used to clarify those who aren't still awaken, which is happening with us.."

She had captured the immediate attention of Germaine. After a big pause, Roos aligned her thoughts and clarified her equation.

"If, for example, you create a Word document in your computer, you can read in that document without problems, everything what you write in it. It reads itself as if it were a book... those are words one after the other. Sentences, chapters... But if you want to open one of those Word documents without having the Word program, then you aren't able to do anything. The best you could get is a kind of mysterious writing, which more resembles a mathematical formula. I don't know how to describe it better, but the linear property, which is so characteristic of our way of talking and communicating, based in the language and in words, that we can't find any longer. The programmers may be able to decipher it but to the common mortals, as you call them, there is no way to communicate in that manner. The last time, I am more convinced that the new children -in a way of speaking- just need that little icon of one of those Word documents, to be able to get the true message. A real transfer of information which in their case could be called anything but linear. Without words. Therefore, some of these children, only by grabbing a book and concentrating, are able to say what the book is about... And I even dare saying that the phenomenon of the senses, as we know as people, the sight, hearing, smelling, all of a sudden becomes futile, for, to these children, they not only use their senses but also their whole body they can see, feel, hear and smell. I have recently read about a lady who, blindfolded, was placed barefooted on top of a newspaper and started to talk about all the different articles, like they were written on the paper... Not very long ago, during one of our walks in the woods, Mickey was suddenly very concentrated. He placed the palm of his right hand on the ground and walked a couple of steps back, as if he was scanning the soil. At a certain point, he went on his knees, revolved the leaves a little with his hand and grasped of a stone saying: "that is precisely the right stone I was searching to sharpen my knife".. At times, it would happen that he would start telling things which he said he just had to tell them...

Messages from the environment, by way of speaking. Maybe messages to the world..."

At this point, Germaine took the turn of her sister-in-law.

"But now you are talking about what in common language is called: channeling. To the majority of people, that is still something very mysterious or impossible, but, considering, it's an excellent method by which all multidimensional sources, which many call God, communicate with the human race. I would even dare calling this process as a form of spiritual communication. A communication which is an extension of that which you have called "non-linear". The person in question, doesn't channel, doesn't have in any way a perception of what is about to happen. It could be seen as being a passage without any specific filters. Something which, in the beginning, isn't so evident and which requires a lot of practice...

The human consciousness is complex. One day will come when science will consider the human consciousness as a branch of physics. That is due to the fact that it doesn't follow the well known linear patterns of physics. Consciousness is a synchronized energy with structure. Don't forget that we all are in state of communicating with multiple dimensions. However, most of us doesn't still know that. There is naturally a big difference between linear and non-linear communication...

Imagine a very old typing machine. A machine where paper still has to be turned and which has a tape which allows the letters to be imprinted on the paper when one is writing. Imagine that the typing machine jams in a certain way that you spend the whole day typing but the tape roll remains still. It doesn't matter how many characters you type, the only thing that you get is an unreadable ink blotch. Each character is superimposed to another. Therefore, what do you obtain at the end? A great ink blotch. All characters are pilled in ink and you wouldn't have the least idea about what you have written. Imagine now that there appears someone with a non-linear capacity to communicate. That person would be in state of seeing clearly the whole message just by looking at the ink blotch. Because they are conceptual and non-linear. They are able to see the thoughts behind the message and are all in state of being able to see in the interior of the ink blotch. Don't forget that the characters and the sentences are still there. You have written them all but not in a linear way. Instead, all characters together make one group, a single spot. Someone who is in state of communicating in a non-linear way, will be able to understand the whole message on that spot. As with certain children from nowadays, with a simple hand gesture, they are able to read a complete book... In your example from a while ago, in respect with the Word document and the reading of the icon, that wasn't so badly chosen!

When a conceptual person, non-linear, looks at an ink blotch, he looks to something that exists already. A message which has been written. Therefore, they don't make it up or try to guess what's written in it. The only thing they can do is to read what exists there but in a non-linear way. The message is written and all characters are there -in the form of a blotch- but written in the existing time.

A non-linear understanding, that which we in our world call autism, has a characteristic which we shouldn't discard. There are many autistic persons who are able to tell us which day of the week it is... of any month and year. If, for example, we ask that person: "What day of the week will be the February 28 2035?" he will tell us the day immediately. Most people would have to breath in deeply and try their best to calculate such fact. But that isn't about calculating. It's not a formula or even mathematics; the answer is there already; therefore it is already known. We are able to know it using a computer program with a calendar, because it already exists. It's an idea which has been developed and it has been stored. The non-linear brain functions in the same way. Many with an autistic brain, are even in state of interpreting that information practically immediately, because they know the concept. They don't calculate whatever it might be; that is the difference between the linear and the non-linear. The autistic brain is the predecessor of things which come and go and which developed an irregularity in the future human development. They are the wise men of the present and much of their capacities come from their incapacity of living in a linear world.

But what does channeling mean, precisely? When we channel, the pineal-gland opens up and delivers messages through what you call the Source. When a person interprets messages, saying them or writing them, he or she makes natural use of his own culture and of his own experiences. Each entity, with all the energy of the true communication, which comes through the pineal-gland, comes from the Source. The could have different personalities, but they all come from the Source.

The differences among the mediums who channel are brought about how they interpret the ink blotch and the clear way of the human filters of their pineal-gland.."

Roos was trying to summarize all that...

"Therefore, we have to take care that the synapses of our brain don't get in the way of our relationship with the Source. We have to learn to put aside our linear and logical way of reasoning aside and start giving priority to the beautiful non-linear ideas which appear in front of us..."

"Something of the kind, yes... Maybe that is something which doesn't go along with our surviving instinct or something which our friends don't like, but which will better our lives."

"Any way", decided Roos, in a linear way, "it's kind of difficult to change our way of thinking... unless, maybe.. with animals?!"





(to be continued)


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